Physical Security Information Management

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) to Create Peace of Mind

Custom Designed Intelligent Protection for Your Business

The average duration of an active shooter incident is 12.5 minutes. The average emergency response time of law enforcement personnel is 18 minutes.

It is a stark truth that emergency response times often greatly exceed the amount of time an incident takes. With ProTech Security’s Physical Security Information Management, you can have integration across all of your security devices so that you can have benefits like gunshot detection. These integrated systems will send an alert within a second of a gunshot and greatly speed up response times to critical incidents. Increased response time saves lives.

Due to the many complexities and expenses of customizing PSIM, ProTech Security identified the need for an easier solution. We focused on building a system that would utilize a facility’s existing expenditures and infrastructure in security and also give first responders the information they needed for an intelligent response. From that realization our situational awareness security control (SASC) system was born.

Our SASC systems have become the gold standard of PSIM because they can share real-time video revealing key information about an incident as it happens, giving details on where it is, what is happening and who is involved. This initial critical event alert can make all the difference in preventing harm. This is the best way to unlock the full potential of your security system to ensure your assets are protected.

For businesses, schools and government institutions, this real-time information is the key to getting an active incident under control quickly to save lives. We’re happy to discuss how our SASC services help with physical security.

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