ProTech Security — A History of Experience, Innovation, and Customer Service

The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 40 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities.

The safety of the communities that ProTech Security serves was the foundation upon which the company was built, said founder Dan McKimm.

“The security and well-being of our communities is our primary concern at ProTech Security. Our role is to provide a wide range of solutions and tailor them to each individual need. Anyone can sell alarms and cameras, but our purpose is to provide our communities with safer, smarter security using the integration of technology.”

As a full-service security solutions provider, ProTech Security continues to adhere to that founding directive and to the philosophy: “No one company can be all things to all people and be good at it.” It’s why rather than be distracted by lots of low-voltage services, ProTech Security’s focus remains fixed on providing the best and most affordable security solutions possible.

The ProTech Security Advantage also includes a forward-looking philosophy that centers on the latest in IP (Internet Protocol) technology and IT (Information Technology), which is built with dynamic, non-proprietary systems. In that continued pursuit, ProTech Security announced a merger with Viking Security Systems, Inc. — effective May 31, 2021 — that will allow both to further their missions of becoming a leading provider of security solutions moving forward under the ProTech Security brand.

Viking Security, founded in Orlando, Florida in 2001, specializes in access control and video surveillance solutions for commercial and governmental customers.

“Not only does the Viking Security acquisition allow ProTech Security to expand into a dynamic geographical market, but it also allows us to grow our talent and expertise in new product lines,” said Eric McKimm, Vice President, ProTech Security.

ProTech Security, founded in North Canton, Ohio in 1981, provides engineering, installation, and integration of customized security solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental entities.

Promoting peace of mind with reliable, proven, and effective security solutions has, and will continue to be the biggest part of the ProTech Security Advantage. For more information on what ProTech Security can do for you, contact us today.