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Regardless of the Size of your Business, Efficient Commercial Access Control is Vital

Find peace of mind with commercial access control that provides the highest level of security, 24/7. With the latest technologies from Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), Gallagher Security, LenelS2, Milestone Systems, and OpenEye, our security systems can be programmed to streamline your facilities’ operations 24/7/365.

commercial access control

Why does your business need effective access control? Thieves, hackers, and disgruntled employees can pose significant risks to any company in any industry. Commercial access control systems from ProTech Security do more than lock and unlock doors. From preventing theft and violence to maintaining your organization’s overall safety and security, we provide seamless control of all entry points throughout your organization. From stand-alone access control systems to hosted or managed systems, our solutions address your concerns in the present so you can continue to plan for the future.

Commercial users can stop relying on keyed locks and instead create an intelligent card-based or fob-based system that grants access to only the selected individuals, and only on the specified days and times.

By working with our partners, we can deliver the latest in commercial access control in Columbus, Ohio, including biometric access control and fingerprint, retinal, or temperature scanning.

Rather than taking time and resources to manage their own access control systems, many organizations in Central Ohio rely on our security professionals. You can depend on us to manage the credentialing process. In the event of a breach in any space, the access log will prove to be valuable data that will assist in an investigation.

Interested in Learning More About Commercial Access Control in Columbus, Ohio?

We offer commercial security systems that protect companies, schools, and government institutions throughout Central Ohio. You’ve worked hard to establish your business; you deserve a robust security system to keep your team and assets protected. Our solutions are continually evolving to keep you up-to-date with ever-changing compliance, security, and functionality requirements.

Complete and reliable security is key to your employees feeling safe in their workplaces. We’ll work with you to choose the right solutions for your business so everyone in your building feels secure.

The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 35 years of service and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities. That includes a forward-looking philosophy that centers on the latest IP (Internet Protocol) technology and IT (Information Technology), built with dynamic, non-proprietary systems.

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