Video Verification

Keep an Eye on What You Value Most

Video Verification Increases Your Visibility and Prevents Intruders

We offer video verification and validation solutions that let you monitor your kids, family or caretakers from the web or your mobile device. Your cameras can be viewed whenever you feel the need. You control the access. They offer the ability to record video clips, watch streaming video, get real-time alerts and verify alarms.

With help from one of our economical engineered storage systems, you can save video on a safe and secure home network for 30 days. You can remotely look around your home via live video using the Virtual Keypad App and verify an active alarm. You can also record video or take pictures right on your mobile device.

ProTech Security’s solutions help you program your cameras to automatically begin recording when they sense motion, and send you email alerts or clips. Your security system can send you an alert any time your system is tripped, and you can remotely see if there’s really a problem or if someone accidentally set off the alarm. We’re happy to discuss how seamlessly video verification can be implemented into your home security.