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Control Your Points of Entry with Hirsch, a Global Leader in Physical Access Control

ProTech Security delivers the latest in commercial access control by working with partners to deliver innovative solutions such as biometric access control, and fingerprint, retinal, or temperature scanning. Hirsch access control systems will give you the range of options needed to secure your facility, manage visitors, and the software to bring it all together. Our partnership is another example of ProTech Security offering the best to all of its customers.

Hirsch access control systems

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Hirsch Electronics is a global provider of physical security and secure identification solutions. Capable of providing enterprise-level security systems, Hirsch delivers the products, software, and services to address both physical and logical access control and has a wide range of RFID-enabled applications.

With Hirsch, customers can implement intelligent card-based or fob-based systems to grant access to only selected individuals, and only during specified days and times. Tetra-based technologies lead to global-leading communication options, and with Hirsch access control systems, users will get an end-to-end secured system that will also help allow the right access at your managed site, residence, or complex.

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ProTech Security offers commercial security systems that protect companies, schools, and government institutions. Our solutions continually evolve to meet and exceed ever-changing compliance, security, and functionality requirements through our work with qualified, recognized, and leading-edge partners ensure you’ll have the best options available to install a security system to suit all your needs.

With more than 35 years of service, ProTech Security has always demonstrated a strong commitment to offering quality, cost-effective protection. Those capabilities have only been strengthened with our acquisition of Viking Security, Inc., which provides top-quality video surveillance solutions in central Florida.

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