Home Control

Take Control of Your Home

Cutting Edge Security Gives You the Power to Protect Your Residence

Our cutting edge home control technology gives you total control of your home. Automation technology from Z Wave® devices offer an easy way to remotely control lights, door locks, thermostats or to look in on video systems.

Want to arm or disarm a system from your phone? That’s easy. See the video below.

This means you can control your home security from your phone or tablet to give you peace of mind. Want to check if the garage door is closed while you’re out to dinner? No problem. You can check this from your phone or tablet. Out of your house later than you expected? You can turn on your house lights before you head home to increase security. Geofencing is smart technology that allows you to automatically run systems at your house from another location. When you use it through your connected device, you will have an interface where you are able to turn on and off lights, open and close your garage door and arm or disarm your security system while you’re out and about. This remote power will ensure that you have more control over your home and feel safer.

Complete residential control from anywhere means you’ll never have to worry that you forgot to arm your system or that all your lights are off while you’re away. For your home automation needs, contact ProTech Security for products and solutions that give you complete control over your home security.