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Why We Work with Pelco, a Provider of End-to-End Security Enhancements

ProTech Security is proud to be on the cutting edge of video surveillance technology. Our partnership with Pelco, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of predictive video security products and services, shows our commitment to offering the best and most innovative solutions to all of our customers.

Pelco video security solutions

For more than 63 years, Pelco video security solutions have emerged as a global leader due to a complete range of products and services, including video surveillance cameras, video management and recording systems, security software, and services aligned around those innovative technologies.

As a single source for video, security management, and intelligence solutions, Pelco is committed to delivering a broad range of high-quality products and systems that make the world — and your corner of it — a safer place. Across a wide span of industries, customers and partners turn to Pelco as an end-to-end provider of video technology that powers faster deployments, higher levels of system resilience, and a lower total cost of ownership.

All Pelco video security solutions provide intuitive user interfaces and robust capabilities that meet the demands of your challenging environment. Leverage Pelco’s broad range of high quality IP video security products and systems, which are complemented with great customer support, to meet your video surveillance needs with confidence and consistency.

Learn More About ProTech and Pelco Video Security Solutions

ProTech Security offers commercial security systems that protect companies, schools, and government institutions. Our solutions continually evolve to meet and exceed ever-changing compliance, security, and functionality requirements. You’ve strived to create and establish your business; you deserve a security system that comes with the same levels of care and dedication.

The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 35 years of service and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection. Those capabilities have only been strengthened with our acquisition of Viking Security, Inc., which provides top-quality video surveillance solutions in central Florida.

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