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A real-time video verification system protects your business, customers, and profits. In the case of an intrusion, the system transmits video clips of the unwanted intrusion to the central monitoring station. Vital information can then be relayed to the responding authorities. If the system or employees monitoring the video clips validate the presence of an intruder, the police are dispatched immediately.

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Pairing threat detection systems with surveillance cameras takes security to a new level by monitoring for threatening changes in the environment. Video verification from ProTech Security means you can actively monitor security camera visual and audio feeds for signs of trouble. Should an incident arise, these systems are connected to a monitoring center that can spring into action right away, sharing information and live video and audio feeds with police. Examples of threatening behavior that will trigger a threat detection system to send an alert are any potentially violent behaviors such as someone pointing a gun or wielding a knife or bottle.

Our technology is also capable of utilizing facial detection software to send alerts should a dangerous individual be identified as entering a public space. In addition, threat detection systems are programmed to recognize noises such as gunshots or screams that are indicative of an attack or emergency situation playing out. These types of systems can also be equipped with elevated body temperature detection. In addition to sending an alert should a violent situation be detected, they can also monitor for abnormal body temperatures – notifying key administrators or management should someone with an elevated temperature enter the building.

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