Access Control

Business Access Control Solutions

As your Business Grows, Efficient Access Control is Essential

Find peace of mind with business access control that provides the highest level of security, 24/7. Our security systems can be programmed to streamline management and ensure you have security control at all times. With some additional tweaks from our team, the system can also provide access control functions. Commercial users can stop relying on keyed locks and instead create an intelligent card-based or fob-based system that grants access to only the selected individuals, and only on the specified days and times.

Rather than taking time and resources to manage your own access control systems, many organizations in Northeast Ohio rely on our security professionals to manage their access control. You can rely on our security professionals to manage the credentialing process. In the event of a security breach in any space, the access log will prove to be valuable data that will assist in an investigation. For more information, call ProTech Security or contact us to get started.