Multiple Ways to Achieve Access Control

Why ProTech Partnered with Paxton for Enhanced Access Control

ProTech Security is devoted to delivering the latest in access control solutions for our customers by working with global leaders in the area. Paxton access control solutions cover a full range of options, including networked, standalone and web-based plans to give you specific answers to your particular need. This partnership again shows the ProTech Security commitment to offering the best and most innovative solutions to all of our customers.

Paxton access control

From its U.S. office in Greenville, South Carolina, Paxton has produced market-leading access control and video intercom security solutions. With secure, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective ways of controlling access to your building, and when that access is allowed, Paxton provides essential security for businesses to protect both assets and employees.

Paxton’s networked access control offers a range of IP, battery-powered, video intercom, and wireless or wired door controllers to fit any site. The standalone plan works offline, with small units wired directly onto door panels, and enrollment and administrative tasks can be completed in a matter of minutes. The web-based access control system interface means that a system administrator can access the software remotely, from anywhere with an internet connection. Get all the functionality of a network system with no internal network required.

Paxton delivers much more, including wireless locksets, door entry options, and video surveillance to provide a complete physical security plan.

Learn More About ProTech and Paxton Access Control

ProTech Security offers commercial security systems that protect companies, schools, and government institutions. Our solutions continually evolve to meet and exceed ever-changing compliance, security, and functionality requirements. By working with leading-edge partners, like Paxton, we can offer the best options available to install a security system to suit all your needs.

With more than 35 years of service, ProTech Security has always demonstrated a strong commitment to offering quality, cost-effective protection. Those capabilities have only been strengthened with our acquisition of Viking Security, Inc., which provides top-quality video surveillance solutions in central Florida.

For more information about how we serve our neighbors, in Ohio and in Florida, contact us today.