Fire Detection

Business Fire Detection and Evacuation Systems

Prioritize Employee Safety and Asset Protection

The modern workplace should be designed with employee safety and asset protection as a top priority. Even if you are in an office or retail space that doesn’t deal with hazardous or volatile materials, structural fires can spring up in the calmest of workplaces. Make sure your employees are alerted and your important business assets are protected with a business fire detection system from ProTech.

ProTech Security can install a custom designed fire and evacuation system that will monitor and alert you to any potential dangers and create time for everyone to get away from the danger. Our various monitoring systems will keep an eye on dangers present in your office and help provide a playbook for what needs protected and how to get employees out of the building. All of this can be connected to the rest of your monitored service system to make a complete solution for one or several commercial buildings. Interested in an updated fire system? Contact us to talk about your simple service options.