Fire Detection

monitored fire alarm systems

Evacuation and Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

Prioritize Employee Safety and Asset Protection

The modern workplace should be designed with employee safety and asset protection as a top priority. Even if you are in an office or retail space that doesn’t deal with hazardous or volatile materials, structural fires present a potential danger you can’t ignore and can spring up in the calmest of workplaces. Make sure your employees are alerted and your important business assets are protected with monitored fire alarm systems from ProTech Security.

ProTech Security can install a custom-designed fire detection and evacuation system that will monitor and alert you to any potential dangers and create time for everyone to get away from the danger. Our various monitoring systems keep an eye on your environment and help provide a playbook covering both what you need to protect and how to get employees and customers out of the building in an emergency. All of this can be integrated into the rest of your monitored service system to make a complete solution for one or several commercial buildings.

At ProTech Security, we’ve protected businesses across Ohio and central Florida for more than 40 years. Every monitored fire alarm system we implement features the most up-to-date technology on the market. Learn more about our commercial security services and solutions below. If you’re ready to discuss business security solutions further, contact our team today for a free quote.

Expert-Driven Services Power Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

ProTech Security helps you keep a constant watch over your property and facilities so you feel secure even when you’re not there. Our security services and solutions help monitor your commercial property and alert you to potential dangers and threats. Our commercial security services include:

We have partnered with the best vendors in the industry to provide the best tools for your custom-designed and monitored fire alarm systems.

Experience Across Most Major Industries

For decades, ProTech Security has delivered security solutions that help businesses ensure the safety of their people, buildings, and assets. We’ve become specialists in the industries we serve best, and we offer custom solutions for companies and organizations in:

Specialized Business Security Solutions

Whether you need monitored fire alarm systems for several buildings in your organization’s footprint, upgraded video surveillance hardware, or any other security solution, ProTech Security can help. Review more tools available to build your customized system below, and visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Modern Monitored Fire Alarm Systems Begin with ProTech Security

With a history of innovation and a customer-first approach, ProTech Security creates tailored business security solutions to meet your unique requirements. Serving our communities is our primary focus, and offering our insight into the security challenges and products of today is essential to our mission. You can find informative, in-depth posts on a variety of topics on our blog, and below are several articles that detail fire detection systems:

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can protect your business, contact our team today for a free consultation.