Commercial Video Surveillance

Why We Work with MOBOTIX, a Pioneer of the Video Security Industry

ProTech Security is proud to be on the cutting edge of video surveillance technology. Our partnership with MOBOTIX, a leading producer of surveillance cameras and software, demonstrates our commitment to providing the best solutions and service to all of our customers.

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For over two decades, MOBOTIX has been an innovative producer of smart and autonomous IP cameras. The company’s dedication to video surveillance and security truly shows in the quality of its product. Their offering is a premium one, with high-quality 4K dual lenses and indoor/outdoor options. MOBOTIX’s camera systems are modular, meaning they have interchangeable image sensors, so their functionality can change and grow with your needs.

For MOBOTIX, it’s not enough that their camera systems have useful and exciting features. They’re also determined that their products work reliably in the long-term. The cameras have an over nine-year mean time between failures, meaning you will be replacing your cameras much less often than other camera manufacturers.

In addition to high-quality, reliable products, MOBOTIX has worked to ensure that consumers can actually use their devices. At times, it can feel as though the world of security camera hardware and the software used to operate it are far-removed from each other, leading to clunky and often ineffective camera systems. Not so with MOBOTIX, where the company designs its own software. In fact, MOBOTIX cameras are capable of running their own software to perform tasks such as automatic event detection in order to conduct video analysis.

From motion analysis to moonlight technology that can capture crisp, clear recordings of fast moving objects in low light conditions, to thermal technology, 3D motion detection, and more, ProTech and MOBOTIX can deliver the right commercial video surveillance solution for your organization.

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We offer commercial security systems that protect companies, schools, and government institutions throughout Central Ohio. You’ve worked hard to establish your business; you deserve a robust security system to keep your team and assets protected. Our solutions are continually evolving to keep you up-to-date with ever-changing compliance, security, and functionality requirements.

Complete and reliable security is key to your employees feeling safe in their workplaces. We’ll work with you to choose the right solutions for your business so everyone in your building feels secure.

The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 35 years of service and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities. That includes a forward-looking philosophy that centers on the latest IP (Internet Protocol) technology and IT (Information Technology), built with dynamic, non-proprietary systems.

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