The ProTech Security Story

The ProTech Security Story

The Origin of ProTech Security, as Told by Dan McKimm, our Founder and CEO

In 1981, after nearly 10 years in law enforcement, I found myself as the victim of a home invasion. I had been cast in a role that I thought I understood, having investigated literally dozens of home invasions as a sheriff’s deputy and police officer.

It was my wake-up call. It was an experience neither I, nor my family, were prepared for.

Only then did I begin to investigate how I could effectively limit my risk and protect my family from what could have been a much more disastrous occurrence. You see, I learned first hand that some things can be replaced by insurance, but family members’ personal safety, property with sentimental or personal value and peace of mind cannot.

That was aptly portrayed to me almost a month after the home invasion. Upon returning home one evening, I mentioned to my wife that our oldest son didn’t make his usual race from the car to our door. That’s when she responded, “Is that the first time you noticed?” She went on to explain that the kids were just as scarred from that invasion as we were, perhaps even worse. I had been caught up in the investigation; I’d failed to realize the effects such a crime has on children.

This led to my brother and I identifying a need for a quality security system company that had the advantage that law enforcement experience could bring to the table. ProTech Security was born, with my home being the “test site” or “guinea pig.”

At the time, all of our competitor security companies were relying on antiquated and unreliable technology. We found faster, more reliable tools that gave us a huge advantage. We won, hands down, time and again with clients who were looking for a reliable, proven and effective method of monitoring home and business security systems.

Growing our Business in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is where I was born and raised. This is where I chose to raise my family. It was only natural to start and grow our business in this region.

Today, our passion for this industry is evidenced by the performance of our associates. We are not a cookie-cutter, commodity style security sales company. We are professionals that continually strive to provide solutions to our clients’ security needs. Anyone can sell a product. Few are experienced enough to identify and define problems and then follow-up with effective and proven security solutions.

We are security solutions providers for homes, businesses and government and educational institutions. This is evidenced in our being the first to offer IP-based (Internet accessible) security and camera products and services. And we didn’t stop there. We were challenged to improve on the delivery of critical event monitoring information to authorities that exceeds the traditional phone call from the monitoring station to the 911/PSAP (police fire dispatch communications center). We’re now the first to offer video verification to the homeowner.

We resolve to treat every client as they would wish to be treated, especially when being privileged to view and investigate all areas of a client’s home or business. That is sacred ground and a trust that we treat as such.