Responding to Critical Incidents With Integrated Commercial Security Systems

Responding to Critical Incidents With Integrated Commercial Security Systems

Responding to Critical Incidents With Integrated Commercial Security Systems

Whether you’re a business owner, doctor, government official, lawyer, teacher, or anything in between, understanding the importance of integrated commercial security systems is vital.

Security threats, as well as vulnerabilities along with the subsequent incidents, can affect different kinds of organizations. Therefore, security systems provide you with the detection and monitoring tools that you need to keep your surroundings safe, including smart IP-based security tools and mobile control. 

Here are four industries that can particularly benefit from integrated commercial security systems.

How Integrated Commercial Security Systems Help Industries

Protecting the Products With Integrated Retail Security

There are several factors you should consider while developing an integrated retail security strategy, including asset protection, IT, loss prevention, physical security, risk management, and more. 

Regardless of your company size, there are different technologies that you can use within your retail store to improve loss prevention and overall security. Integrated retail security solutions come with an array of benefits, including improved overall safety and operations.

Access control systems at the front and back doors and especially around offices and other places cash is stored allow access to authorized individuals only and count and report on traffic going in and out. You can also integrate video surveillance for verifying a team member’s identity before granting them access to avoid theft. 

In the case of a gunshot at the counter, gunshot detectors can read firearm discharges and notify video monitoring services and first responders. Most gunshot detector systems comprise of IP cameras, microphones, and advanced video monitoring software.

Integrated retail security systems can also enhance security at locations such as the point of sale terminals as they are vulnerable to fraud and theft. HD video surveillance integrated with point of sale terminals can help you report exceptions and maintain a record of videos associated with transactions. This will allow you to visually verify any transaction you want. 

Potential threats such as robbery not only end in losses but can also impact customer and employee safety. Bill trap sensors and panic buttons integrated with intrusion detection systems ensure silent alarms go off when customers and employees are at risk. Most intrusion systems integrated with video surveillance systems trigger video snapshots when the bill sensor is pulled, or the panic button is pressed. These snapshots are quickly sent to the monitoring station for incident verification and more information for law enforcement as soon as they are dispatched. 

You can also integrate audio to the intrusion system so that a message is sent to the law enforcement department when a bill trap sensor is activated, or a panic button is used. In the absence of security personnel onsite, video monitoring systems allow professionals monitoring your facility to intervene through audio and alert the perpetrators that their actions are being monitored and recorded. These systems can even act as a virtual bodyguard and virtually and safely ‘escort’ your employees from the building to their cars.

Keep Students and Faculty Safe With Integrated Education Security

The demand for integrated education security is increasing to establish a safe environment for kids and faculty at all schools, from daycares and nursery schools to K-12 facilities and even colleges. 

Therefore, multi-layered integrated education systems comprising an electronic system, video surveillance system, gunshot monitoring, intrusion monitoring, and more, are required with a primary focus on deterring on-campus criminal activities and protecting kids and faculty.

A combination of access control systems, security systems, and video surveillance system will ensure your critical information can be accessed during life-threatening situations. With integrated education security systems, fire protection services and law enforcement agencies can easily manage and monitor the school’s premises remotely, in real-time.

Perimeter security is aimed at providing only authorized persons with access to the school premises. Perimeter security systems include:

  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Glass barrier films
  • Optical turnstiles
  • Parking control barriers/gates
  • Parking emergency call stations
  • Visitor intercoms

Most access control systems come with proximity cards that are used to identify authorized persons. The systems also allow you to download reports that provide an insight into who all entered the school premises and at what times. Access control systems include:

  • ADA compliant emergency phone calls
  • Door position switches
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Passive infrared detectors
  • Proximity readers

Video surveillance systems leverage strategically placed security cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the facility to monitor live feed and record the same. Video surveillance systems typically include:

  • Interior 6 megapixel IP cameras
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • Perimeter exterior 6 megapixel  IP cameras

Protecting Facilities With Integrated Government Security

One of the top priorities for any government organization is the safety of employees. So, whether you are federal, local, or state government agency, it’s important to pay special attention to integrated government security

Here’s a list of some integrated government security systems you may want to explore for government buildings, law enforcement facilities, critical infrastructure, public utilities, transportation centers, and more:

  • Electronic and physical access control systems for all employees, vendors, and visitors.
  • Video surveillance — live monitoring services and recording.
  • Fire and water safety systems to alert authorities and detect emergencies.
  • Intrusion detection systems to track and prevent unauthorized entry.

All in all, unified solutions for control, security, and safety tightly integrating access control, perimeter security, and video surveillance are a must for all government agencies and facilities. 

Keeping Patients and Staff Safe With Integrated Healthcare Security

The nature of healthcare business poses critical security threats that can leave healthcare facilities susceptible to internal misuse and theft. From expensive medical equipment to critical medical records, healthcare security should be the topmost priority for healthcare providers. 

Trusted integrated healthcare security solutions can help you keep your patients and staff safe by making the most of access control, emergency notification, fire, intrusion, HVAC, smoke detection, temperature, water, and many other security systems.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Video surveillance provides invaluable insights that law enforcement authorities can use during criminal investigations.
  • Access control systems, locking mechanisms, and visitor management systems allow healthcare centers to control and monitor who enters different areas of their facilities.
  • Air conditioning (HVAC) systems, heating and ventilation systems help facility coordinators in controlling the temperature of the healthcare facility. 
  • Intrusion detection systems help in reducing incidents of theft.
  • Infant abduction prevention systems keep newborn babies safe. 
  • Panic buttons for nursing stations, patient wards, and staff rooms.
  • Emergency communication and mass notification.
  • Lockdown systems.

Managing all the above systems from a centralized hub can increase the efficiency of integrated healthcare security and reduce costs associated with installing individual systems. The key to the proper integration of healthcare security systems lies in planning. By hiring trusted integrated healthcare security providers, healthcare facilities can develop comprehensive plans that boost efficiency and reduce duplication. 

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