Protecting Our Most Innocent with Daycare and Nursery School Security

Protecting Our Most Innocent with Daycare and Nursery School Security

Protecting Our Most Innocent with Daycare and Nursery School Security

Safe, secure, and nurturing environments are critical foundations of education. However, security breaches in some schools in the U.S. have turned the attention of teachers and school staff away from teaching and towards ways to make the school environment safer. And it’s at all levels — nursery school security is just as vital as it is in high schools and colleges.  

These days, most parents look for a daycare center or nursery school with a security system to ensure the safety of their children. Safety of kids is the top priority. Daycare centers and nursery schools require comprehensive nursery school security systems, which provide a solution to real-time security issues, including the prevention of unauthorized access, liability protection, and improvement of the building’s safety.

Research shows that the security equipment and services industry reached $2.7 billion in revenue in 2017. As most schools have already started implementing security systems, the market is expected to grow at 1% every year, reaching $2.8 billion by 2021.

So, if you’re the owner of a nursery school or a daycare center, you are individually responsible for the safety of kids in your facility.

Safety Features to Consider for Your Nursery School Security System

Access Control. First things first, install an access control system to keep an eye on the comings and goings of staff, visitors, and students, while securing the entry and exit points of the facility. You’ll also be able to keep a detailed log of all visitors and even get alerts when doors or windows are left open.

Visitor Management. With a visitor management system, like those offered by Hall Pass, you can track arrivals and departures of visitors, volunteers, staff, and students from a single, easy-to-use interface. Collect different information from people based on their role at sign in and sign out, and screen new visitors, contractors, and parents with background checks. You can also issue a pin code, barcode, or QR code to regular visitors for a faster sign-in process, or print customizable visitor badges and lanyards with photos.

Smart Locks for Individual Rooms. Access control can go beyond the main entry points. With a code entry system on individual classrooms and other rooms, you can keep the rooms secure regardless of what is going on outside. You can set up individual codes for different rooms, and only allow certain teachers or staff members to know the codes.

Video Surveillance. Internal video surveillance systems can focus on the inside of the facility for the security of staff and children, and external video surveillance systems can focus on the outside surroundings to act as a deterrent for thieves and criminals and ensure the safety of kids in the playing areas. Video recordings can also help in assessing the situation in the case of an accident and provide the management with evidence. Meeting rooms, teachers’ offices, and computer labs are most vulnerable to burglary because of the valuable equipment. Video surveillance systems can easily detect intrusion and send notifications and activate controls to take immediate action when a threat is detected.

Automatic Locks and Lights. A nursery school security system should also incorporate modern technology such as automatic lights, locks, and smart thermostats that can be operated remotely using a smartphone or a central control system.

Emergency Alerts. Emergency alerts are the most important type of message a school must send — and when a crisis situation hits your school, you need technology that facilitates rapid parent notification. You also want a system that can notify emergency response services and initiate lockdown procedures automatically, like Alertus Technologies, a leader in mass notification and emergency communication (MNEC) for schools.

The Benefits of a Nursery School Security System

Reduction in Break-Ins and Crime. Security cameras installed in plain sight bring down criminal activity and break-ins.

Prevention of Vandalism. Placing cameras inside and outside the school can prevent vandalism.

Elimination of Unauthorized Intruders. Unfortunately, some daycare centers and nursery schools are easy targets for unscrupulous persons. Always know who’s coming and going, and only allow access to authorized people.

Safety of Remote Areas, Entrances, and Exits. By installing cameras with motions sensors in remote areas of the nursery school or daycare, you can receive instant notifications whenever movement is detected. Not only this, but you can access the security system using a mobile phone, laptop, PC, or any other device connected to the internet.

Monitoring of Restroom Entrances. Many times the daycare or nursery school management is not aware of accidents that take place inside the restrooms until they’re reported. Even though it’s illegal to have security cameras inside the restroom, you can monitor students as they enter and leave. In the event of an incident, you can use the footage to see who was there when the incident occurred.

Emergency Evacuation. In the case of an emergency, security cameras can come in handy to identify the trouble spots so you can direct all the kids toward the safe spots.

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