Why You Should Never DIY Cannabis Security

Why You Should Never DIY Cannabis Security

Why You Should Never DIY Cannabis Security

Security experts consider cannabis security to be “sensitive business security.” Therefore, they recommend hiring professionals for setting up cannabis security systems and never trying to attempt to DIY cannabis security.

Whether you are the owner of a recreational marijuana retail outlet or a marijuana dispensary, when it comes to security, the stakes are high. Due to the desirable nature of the product, the high street resale value, and the fact that most of the cannabis business owners handle a lot of cash, the need for professional security becomes critical.

4 Ways Professional Cannabis Security is Better Than DIY Cannabis Security

1. Real-Time Monitoring

GPS trackers are the latest advancement in the cannabis security industry. GPS trackers allow cannabis business owners to monitor their products, as well as cash, at every step of the business process. Handy, battery-powered GPS devices can be placed in parcels moving from one place to another (from cannabis farms to dispensaries and retail sites) to ensure their safety in vehicles.

Once the parcels reach the retail location, the GPS trackers can be placed in sales packaging for tracking purposes in case of robberies. GPS trackers can also be used during cash transit from one site to another.

2. Proper Installation

What is cannabis security without a reliable security system? Setting up a reliable and robust security system is critical to cannabis security. Professionals can help you with the correct installation of cannabis security systems. By choosing professional cannabis security over DIY cannabis security, you can effectively monitor growing operations. Professionals can suggest the best security optimization solutions for monitoring building interiors and exteriors, loading stations, cash counters, and so on.

3. Monitoring and Maintenance

The best thing about professional help is that you can sit back and relax while the professionals are setting up your cannabis security systems. You don’t need to get hassled in any way. You can benefit from a professional’s experience. In the case of DIY cannabis security, there is a high chance that you may miss something such as placing the hidden cameras incorrectly or missing the right place of the motion sensor. Where should you place the IP cameras? What’s the perfect spot for a hidden camera? How do you connect the equipment to the surveillance center? Not only this, but finding out how to connect the cannabis security system with your existing alarm/security system, drilling, wiring, and so on, everything requires effort and time. You not only save time but also frustration when you hire a professional to install your cannabis security system. You can sit back and relax while they handle the complex installation process.

4. Testing and Troubleshooting

Let’s say you choose DIY cannabis security over professional help. You set up everything and a few minutes later, the system freezes. You need technical help but there’s no one to answer your question. What will you do? In the case of professional installation, you have a technician standing beside you when you are testing the security system. After installation, the technician won’t vanish. They will test the system, help you with a demo, train your team, troubleshoot issues post-installation and answer your queries.

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