Keeping an Eye on Everything with Cannabis Security Cameras

Keeping an Eye on Everything with Cannabis Security Cameras

Keeping an Eye on Everything with Cannabis Security Cameras

In this digital age, having a video surveillance system for your business is easier than ever before. A wide variety of businesses rely on video cameras to protect their assets, employees, and visitors; today, you’ll find retail stores and even neighborhood libraries with video surveillance systems. Businesses in the cannabis industry have a particular need for video security; in fact, states like Ohio require cannabis security cameras in order for such businesses to be legally licensed.

Keep Tabs on Employees and Assets 

Whether you have one cannabis dispensary or an entire network of grow operations, cannabis security is essential to act as a deterrent to criminals and keep everything running smoothly. Unlike most retail businesses, cannabis dispensaries must operate on a cash-only basis due to federal laws that deny them access to traditional banks. Having lots of cash on hand as well as products that are attractive for sales on the black market make cannabis dispensaries a prime target for thieves. Cannabis security cameras help discourage criminals and are an excellent source of evidence should an incident occur. 

Video surveillance is also useful to keep tabs on employees – and not just to catch dishonest hires. It’s essential that every business has specific safety and security policies, and adhering to such policies is required by law in the cannabis industry. From checking the IDs of all customers that are allowed inside a retail establishment to proper handling of cannabis material at growing and processing facilities, camera systems help employers ensure that all procedures are being followed at all times.

State Law Requirements Regarding Cannabis Security Cameras 

Commercial video surveillance for cannabusinesses isn’t just a smart security strategy; it’s also one of the many security requirements that must be met before a dispensary, cannabis processing facility, or dispensary can be licensed. 

The law doesn’t simply demand that cameras be in use; it also specifies where and how those cameras must operate for each type of cannabis business. For cannabis dispensaries, for example, the Ohio State code demands the following: 

  • Commercial-grade video cameras must be operating in all areas, including all points of entry and exit. 
  • Surveillance cameras must be recording at each point of sale; they must be positioned to identify the employee conducting the sale as well as the customer making the purchase, and must capture the sale and the computer monitor on which it is processed. 
  • Video cameras must collect surveillance 24 hours a day or live-stream 24 hours a day and be capable of activation when motion is detected. 
  • Video cameras must record during hours of operation – and footage shall be made immediately available to state authorities. 

State laws contain surveillance specifications for growing and processing facilities, as well, which is why it’s helpful for businesses to work with a security provider who is experienced at helping their customers establish and maintain compliance with all requirements.

Comprehensive Video Security Monitoring 

It’s a good business practice to keep a close watch on all aspects of any cannabis facility, and as we’ve detailed above, it’s also required by law. Today’s camera technology from companies like Mobotix allows surveillance from all angles, indoors and outdoors, both day and night. This means the ability to monitor sales floors, safes, product storage, and processing areas, as well as exterior grow sites, loading docks, and entrances/exits.

Finally, for owners of multiple cannabusinesses, cannabis security cameras take much of the stress out of monitoring and management. Because an owner or manager can only be in one physical location at one time, a fully-integrated security camera system offers the ease of remotely checking all cameras at every location from one central source (via smartphone or a computer). From both a legal and a strategic perspective, cannabis security cameras truly are an absolute must — protecting staff, stock, and customers while keeping every cannabis business operating according to the letter of the law. 

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