The Importance of Commercial Video Surveillance

The Importance of Commercial Video Surveillance

The Importance of Commercial Video Surveillance

Security systems for today’s businesses have many layers. They guard entryways and exits to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your property. They send out a warning if a fire or disaster strikes. They also utilize commercial video surveillance that provides an ever-watchful eye over the business.

Commercial video surveillance systems do much more than simply watch and record, however. They also act to dissuade thieves and criminals from targeting your property in the first place. This is why they’re being put in place not just in businesses, but in parks and on city streets throughout the country. Many businesses are discovering that a professionally-installed commercial video surveillance system is an essential part of a well-thought-out robbery prevention strategy.

Security That Never Stops

When we think of commercial security systems, we tend to think of a burglar alarm that gets set when the business closes at night and is disarmed every morning. Commercial video surveillance should be an integral part of every business’s security system. Video cameras watch over the premises when it’s closed and no one else is around, but they also do something equally as valuable: they work in conjunction with your “always-on security system” to keep an eye on things during business hours, as well as when everything is closed up tight.

Why do you need commercial video surveillance during the day? In addition to catching customers who may feel the urge to shoplift, it can also help keep an eye on certain employees who may be less than trustworthy. Video surveillance cameras also provide a record of any unexpected accidents or incidents that may occur on your property. This is especially important if an employee, customer, or visitor gets hurt and files a lawsuit claiming that you were negligent in some way. Video footage gives you the opportunity to go back, see what happened, and prove if the incident was due to someone being disorderly or reckless.

Where Can Commercial Video Surveillance Be Used?

Commercial video surveillance can be used in virtually any area that needs an extra set of eyes on it throughout the night and day. In the past, video camera technology often came up short when it was used outdoors at night. Today’s Mobotix cameras use moonlight technology that needs very little light to deliver crisp, precise footage of anything that happens within the range of the camera. Motion analysis cameras can be set up to send out notifications if any movement is detected on camera. In conditions where there is no light at all, thermal cameras will send an alert if they detect something putting off heat in a pre-specified range that’s programmed into the camera system. Virtually nothing can go undetected when business owners opt to use modern-day commercial video surveillance technology.

Care and Use of Surveillance Cameras After Installation

It’s important to work with a team of experts to determine what type of security cameras will work best for your needs, as well as assessing your property to design a security camera layout that will provide complete coverage.

After installation, it’s important that you do weekly checks of each camera to ensure that they’re operating properly and that nothing is obscuring the lens and obstructing the view. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an incident take place in full sight of a camera that isn’t functioning or is blocked because a vine has grown in front of it or the lens has gotten dirty.

Also, make sure to call your security system company to have a camera repaired or replaced immediately if it stops operating for any reason. After all, commercial video surveillance is only helpful if it’s functioning and properly maintained.

One final thing to note — cameras do need regular service and software updates to ensure they are working properly. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t find out that a camera needed service until they discover it’s down, and that usually happens after an event that they are trying to pull video from. At ProTech Security, we offer annual or semiannual checks to perform firmware and software updates to prevent hacking, confirm views to make sure the cameras are pointed correctly, focused, and that the lenses are clean, and to confirm that the cameras are recording and that the length of video being recorded meets your needs (i.e. ensure that your storage devices are large enough).

At ProTech Security, we have a strong history of experience, innovation, and customer service. The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 30 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions and government facilities. To see what ProTech Security can do for you, contact us today.

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