Why You Need to Work With an Experienced Cannabis Security Integrator

Why You Need to Work With an Experienced Cannabis Security Integrator

Why You Need to Work With an Experienced Cannabis Security Integrator

With recreational and medical cannabis becoming legal in a growing number of U.S. states, there’s been a boom in the kinds of businesses needed to help the industry thrive. One of the biggest requirements faced by the cannabis industry is comprehensive security — not just to protect supplies and profits, but also to pass muster for certification by the state. Working with an experienced cannabis security integrator will ensure that your entire system is working effectively as well as seamlessly.

Keeping Within the Standards of Your State

Budding business owners in the cannabis industry may be familiar with the basics of commercial security, but it’s likely that they aren’t 100% up-to-speed on all of the licensing requirements for cannabis businesses in their state. Ohio state laws, for instance, consist of pages upon pages of cannabis regulations for cultivators, processors, and dispensaries and include specifications on how cannabis must be secured, what type of commercial video surveillance must be used, and so forth.

Working with a cannabis security integrator who is familiar with all of these laws will ensure that everything is done right from the beginning. This will not only save you time and help you get licensed on the first attempt; it will also save you money and the hassle of having to uninstall a portion of your security system and start over again. 

In addition to being familiar with state cannabis regulations, a cannabis security integrator will put together a standard platform that is easy for licensors to assess and approve. DIY security systems that are cobbled together and not properly integrated can pose a real challenge to licensing entities and can potentially cause delays.

Smart Security with a Cannabis Security Integrator

A proper cannabis security system consists of much more than technology that keeps an eye on your cannabis grow facility, laboratory, or retail outlet. A cannabis security integrator will be able to work with you to design an interactive smart system capable of allowing business management the ability to control various aspects of the property from afar. 

For example, the law demands that areas where cannabis is being grown or stored be strictly locked down and secure. Should a fire start in a greenhouse, for example, today’s high-tech commercial security systems can be programmed to automatically unlock that area to allow emergency personnel to get inside without delay. Unlocked doors can also be secured remotely in the case of any threat or unexpected situation.

Ease of Use and Maintenance 

The goal of every business owner is to grow and expand, but with expansion comes greater responsibility. This is especially true of owners in the cannabis industry who manage multiple sites, whether they are grow facilities, processing laboratories, retail facilities, or any combination of these. Video surveillance and verification allow owners and management to easily keep tabs on multiple locations at one time. This not only provides peace of mind that the business is being well-run; it also ensures that all regulatory rules are being followed and your license isn’t being put at risk by employees cutting corners.

A seamless system will also help you avoid false alarms and confusion. With multiple cameras and alarm sensors installed at multiple locations, it’s useful to have them all integrated so they can be viewed and monitored from a central source (a smartphone app or website, for example). 

Another factor to look for when buying a commercial security system for your cannabis business is easy maintenance. Should something go wrong or need to be updated, working with a cannabis security integrator to plan out and install the system will make it easier to track and fix problems down the road.

At every level, using a cannabis security integrator from the very beginning makes things easier and less stressful throughout the entire process of opening up and running a cannabusiness. From getting your licensing secured (and keeping it) to the day-to-day operations, a well-planned and seamless commercial security system is an investment that’s well worth it. 

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