Video Verification Solutions for All Types of Organizations

Video Verification Solutions for All Types of Organizations

Video Verification Solutions for All Types of Organizations

Video verification solutions are revolutionizing the security industry. After all, they are helping organizations tackle the big “false alarm” problem.

Research shows that 90% to 95% of reported intruder alarms turn out to be false. These false reports not only become a problem for organizations but also for the service providers as they need to send a team of emergency responders to verify every alarm.

This is where the need for video verification comes into the picture.

Video verification solutions confirm the alarm in the quickest possible time. This helps in speeding up the emergency response process. Video images can be shared with operators in real-time for immediate assessment and action. With traditional surveillance systems, law enforcement can take an average of 45 minutes to arrive and respond to an emergency.

Many video surveillance systems offer video verification solutions as an additional feature. Some smart video surveillance systems also comprise video verification solutions in their basic plan. 

How Video Verification Works

When the alarm of a managed video system is triggered, a central monitoring station determines whether an intruder is present and a crime is taking place. Videos help a great deal in verifying the alarms and allowing emergency responders to act quickly. 

Video verification is pretty straightforward. When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring station operators can view live feed or track audio. These verification solutions allow trained security operators to confirm whether a crime is taking place. 

4 Benefits of Video Verification Solutions For Your Organization

Here are four reasons why your organization should consider getting a video verification solution:

Reduced Cost of Break-Ins and False Alarms

Each time emergency responders or law enforcement respond to a false alarm, it costs them extra effort and time to investigate the alarm. According to the National Fire Protection Association, US fire departments respond to approximately 2.2 million false alarms a year. Also, one out of 12 calls to fire departments is for a home security system false alarm, with system malfunctions accounting for 32% of those false alarms. With video verification solutions, the central monitoring station and operators can use video to verify the cause of the alarm. Therefore, video verification solutions provide you with a clear picture of why your alarm system was triggered. 

Intrusion Verification

Most video verification solutions on the market come with advanced intrusion detection capabilities, such as motion and video sensors. Pairing threat detection systems with surveillance cameras takes security to a new level by identifying threatening changes in the environment.            

Decreased Business Losses and Improved Apprehension Rates

According to the National Academy Associate Magazine of the FBI, traditional alarm apprehension rates are approximately as low as 1%. Therefore, the chances of recovering your business losses are low. With video verification, law enforcement may respond to the emergency quicker, improving the probability of apprehension and minimizing business losses from damage and theft.

Cost-Effective Alarm Verification

Most video verification solutions can work with your current equipment; so, you don’t need to buy a new surveillance system with video verification capabilities. If you already have a video surveillance system with a central monitoring station, all you need to do is add a video verification tool at the bare minimum cost. It can connect to the alarm panel and security cameras. Once an alarm is triggered, the system sends a video to the monitoring station.

Add Video Verification to Your Managed Video System

ProTech Security serves organizations of all types and sizes with custom video management solutions. Our video verification helps you to constantly track security camera visuals and audio streams for signs of trouble. In the event of an incident, these devices are linked to a monitoring center that can respond quickly, exchanging information as well as live video and audio feeds with the police. 

Our technology may also use facial recognition and thermal recognition software to send warnings if a potentially dangerous person is detected entering a public area. Threat detection systems are often designed to identify noises like gunshots or screams that suggest an attack or an emergency situation is occurring. Therefore, video verification solutions are also widely used in schools and educational institutes.

At ProTech Security, we have a strong history of experience, innovation, and customer service. The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 35 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities. To see what ProTech Security can do for you, contact us today.

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