The Top 4 Home Security Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

The Top 4 Home Security Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

The Top 4 Home Security Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

Thousands of burglaries are reported in the US every day and many of them are a result of home security mistakes that homeowners often overlook. Burglars take advantage of these mistakes and target homes that are not equipped with home security measures. A burglary is reported in the US every 18 seconds.

Home security is a critical issue and homeowners need to address it urgently. No matter where you live, you should address home security concerns before criminals compel you to do it. From making the necessary repairs in the case of broken windows or doors to installing robust home security systems, homeowners need to protect their home and family.

While installing a good home security system is the best solution, identifying home security mistakes and addressing them immediately is also important.

Here are the top 4 home security mistakes and ways you can avoid them.

The Top 4 Home Security Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

1. Leaving Items in Plain Sight

Besides looking at home security measures outside your home, also look at the valuables inside your home that can attract burglars. Many homeowners don’t realize that burglars can see valuables inside their homes through their windows.

Avoid storing valuable items such as jewelry, keys, stereo equipment, and so on, near the windows. While it’s difficult to hide large items such as televisions and other home appliances, as much as possible, try to place them away from the doors and windows. If you are short on space, consider covering the windows with blinds, curtains, or shades to block the outside view. Anything that is alluring should be kept hidden.

Ensure you keep your garage locked at all times as it can serve as an easy entrance to your home. Most people store their bikes, cars, and expensive tools in the garage. Therefore, burglars specifically target garages. 9% of burglars break in through the garage. Consider securing your garage with a smart door lock. It can remind you if the garage is left open. Smart locks even allow you to close your garage door by merely pressing a button on your smartphone.

Unattended mails and home deliveries that pile up at your door can also attract burglars. They are noticeable from a distance and serve as a clue for burglars that the home is empty. Therefore, request the local post office to stop mails during your travel period. You can also request your neighbor to collect your mail in your absence. Leaving items in plain sight can attract burglars.

2. Ignoring Your Security System

One of the most common home security mistakes is ignoring your home security system. This involves forgetting the login credentials to your home security system which can:

  • Act as a blockade during home security system maintenance
  • Prevent homeowners from using remote monitoring capabilities
  • Allow burglars to enter your home

If you have landed yourself in a similar situation before, consider investing in a password manager by a reliable service provider. Password managers allow you to remove auto-login features and help you set up password-protected entry into home security apps and devices. They also help you protect your smart home security devices from hackers.

Per the FBI’s 2018 Uniform Crime Report, 36.7% of burglaries were unforced or unlawful entries. Properly-armed home security systems can prevent such break-ins and protect your home. Therefore, don’t forget to turn on your home security system whether you are inside or traveling. These days, you can also find home security solutions that will automatically turn on/off depending on your distance from your home. This technology is known as “geofencing.” Certain smart features such as lights, thermostats, and security systems, can be activated/deactivated based on your proximity to your home.

3. Neglecting Security System Maintenance

Home security system maintenance is more important than ever for homeowners. The maintenance of the home security system involves regular checks of all the components (cameras, circuits, computers, detectors, light systems, and so on), to ensure they are functioning properly. This is known as preventive maintenance.

While self-testing is a good practice, a home security system should be checked annually by professionals as they can provide a more thorough diagnosis of the system. Once the components or systems that are not functioning properly are identified, maintenance professionals repair them. This is known as corrective maintenance.

Regular maintenance reduces the cost of purchasing new equipment and improves the longevity of your home security system. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to ensure you invest in preventive security system maintenance regularly. Common home security system concerns that professionals come across during maintenance are:

  • Broken equipment (cameras and lights)
  • Blocked cameras
  • Broken alarms
  • Malfunctioning sensors
  • Drained battery (in the case of wireless alarms)

During a home security system’s life cycle, maintenance should run parallelly with operations. Adhering to a regular security system maintenance schedule can make a lot of difference between corrective and preventive maintenance.

4. Choosing a DIY System Over a Complete Home Security System

Even though many homeowners are moving to DIY home security systems, complete home security systems developed by professionals are more accurate and reliable when it comes to the safety of your home.

Professional home security systems are designed by home security experts and can never go wrong (provided they are maintained properly). You may end up spending thousands of dollars purchasing the best home security cameras, alarms, sensors, doorbells, and so on. Nevertheless, you’ll still end up compromising on the security of your home and family members.

Professional, end-to-end home security systems can be customized per the design and requirements of your home. Choose a professional home security system if you are looking for:

  • Sensors for all your doors and windows
  • Security cameras for both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Assistance from professional home security experts
  • High-quality home security equipment

The best part of professional home security systems is a professional installation where you can relax while someone is setting up your home security system. It’s far better and convenient than watching tutorials and reading instruction manuals to build and set up a DIY home security system.

Here are some benefits of having a professional install an end-to-end home security system:

  • They perform a thorough home security assessment
  • They ensure the home security equipment work and troubleshoot problems (Read Also: How to Do a Home Security Camera Check)
  • They explain to you the ins and outs of a home security system
  • They suggest other useful ways of securing your home

A professional installation is also a good option for homeowners with limited mobility. To get the best professional installation experience, you can partner with professionals, like ProTech Security to get home security personalized per your needs. Overall, professional home security systems are best for homeowners with limited technical knowledge and multilevel homes. DIY home security systems can be harder to install in multilevel dwellings. More and more homeowners are installing professional home security systems. Approximately 21 million US homes have professional home security systems.

At ProTech Security, we have a strong history of experience, innovation, and customer service. The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 35 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities. To see what ProTech Security can do for you, contact us today.

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