Safe and Secure Home Deliveries

Safe and Secure Home Deliveries

Safe and Secure Home Deliveries

Even as states begin phased reopenings, many Americans are still choosing to stay home to stay safe. Rather than venture out to shop or dine out, lots of people continue to order items online and have food delivered. This has left a lot of folks scrambling to figure out ways to ensure that they have safe and secure home deliveries.

From package theft to going truly contact-free, many homeowners have found that their home security system can help with COVID concerns and is the perfect tool to help them receive items at home with ease. Here are some of the ways that features like a doorbell camera can be utilized to keep your family – and your orders – safe in the COVID-19 era.

Deter and Capture “Porch Pirates” 

Although home burglaries are down with more people staying at home, the increased prevalence of online shopping has left criminals cruising for opportunities to snatch packages. Police in Columbus, Ohio, for example, have reported a sharp increase in package thefts since the pandemic hit. These “porch pirates” strike without warning and can bike or drive off before anyone even realizes that a box is missing. 

Home surveillance systems – and particularly doorbell cameras – are a useful tool to deter package theft. Criminals are typically more emboldened when they feel they can slip away unseen. A doorbell camera that offers a direct view of your front porch and yard may be enough to cause a thief to move on. If they do strike, you’ll have evidence to hand over to police.

Contact-Free and Secure Home Deliveries 

The main reason for ordering in everything from a new hairdryer to takeout Thai food is to avoid excessive contact with those outside your immediate family. In addition to preventing theft, another aspect of secure home deliveries is keeping everyone safe and contact-free. It’s not only beneficial to you and your family; contact-free deliveries also means that your delivery person comes face-to-face with fewer customers. 

When a delivery person arrives with a package or food, they’ll ring your doorbell. A video doorbell allows you to note their arrival, exchange pleasantries, and ask them to leave the items on your front porch or step. It’s an excellent way to still be able to interact with your regular UPS driver or pizza delivery guy without getting up close and personal.

Communicate Necessary Instructions 

In addition to preventing unnecessary contact with your delivery people during basic drop-and-go deliveries, a video doorbell allows communication when you have special delivery instructions to communicate. You can do this by putting a note out, but if you’re not sure when the delivery person will come by or if bad weather threatens to soak or blow away your instructions, a video doorbell can help.

Especially with an increase in package thefts due to a jump in the number of online orders, some homeowners might not want packages left on a front step – preferring for them to be dropped at the back door or left just inside a screen door. If you’re in the midst of a work meeting from home or upstairs with the kids, a video doorbell allows you to quickly give instructions without having to take a break from what you’re currently doing. 

The DMP Video Doorbell, for example, not only features a camera with 1080P detailed clarity so you know exactly who is at the door; it also features two-way complete duplex audio communication. This gives you the ability to clearly and instantly communicate with delivery drivers, letting them know where to place items, how to find a tip if you’ve hidden cash outside for them, or where to find a signature slip if they need one to leave a delivery. 

In the era of COVID-19, anything that allows you to stay at home and interact with people from afar is an incredibly useful tool. Video doorbells increase your ability to ensure secure home deliveries – keeping your packages, family, and your delivery people more safe and healthy.

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