The Dangers of Neglecting Security System Maintenance

The Dangers of Neglecting Security System Maintenance

The Dangers of Neglecting Security System Maintenance

Wear and tear is a common issue with all machines and your security system is no different. That’s why regular security system maintenance is so vital.

It is common for security system components to deteriorate with time. Security cameras, sensors, outdoor lights, doors, latches, access control systems, and so on — all these components need regular maintenance to function properly and provide you with round-the-clock security. 

Neglecting security system maintenance does not only reduce the life of your security system but also leaves your home or business premises unsafe, paving the way for burglars, criminals, and miscreants.

Therefore, if it isn’t already, security system maintenance should be your top priority right now. 

What Does Security System Maintenance Cover?

Security system maintenance covers period checks of all the components of a security system. These include:

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Sensors
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Burglar, carbon monoxide, flood, and fire alarms
  • Video doorbells
  • Lighting systems
  • Smart security applications
  • Door, garage, and window locks
  • Computer systems, software
  • And so on

This is known as preventive maintenance. It helps in identifying vulnerabilities in your security system and fixing minor problems on the go. In most cases, preventive maintenance is performed by your security system provider. Nevertheless, you can also hire third-party services by entering into a maintenance contract with them. 

The second phase of security maintenance is correcting or fixing the identified issues. In other words, the second phase covers repairing or replacing worn-out components of the security system. This is known as corrective maintenance. 

What Does a Security System Maintenance Contract Cover?

A security system maintenance contract typically covers details of the maintenance service, such as:

  • Frequency of preventive and corrective maintenance visits
  • List of inspections
  • Services covered (checking components, cleaning components, analyzing system performance, and so on)
  • Cost of repairs/servicing
  • Excluded services
  • Emergency contact details

6 Important Security System Maintenance Tips to Remember

Whether you’re planning to hire third-party security system maintenance services or work with your existing security system provider, here are some quick tips to get you started!

Build a Security System Maintenance Plan

First things first, begin by creating a detailed security system maintenance plan. As already discussed above, if you’re hiring a third-party company for security system maintenance, you don’t need to worry about building a plan yourself. The service provider will create a comprehensive contract with complete details of their services, exclusions, costs, and so on. However, if you’re more inclined toward DIY security system maintenance, we suggest creating a quick checklist to ensure you don’t miss any component/system during inspections. 

Ensure the Sensors Are Protected From Debris and Dust

Keeping all the sensors clean is critical to the proper functioning of your security system and the reduction of false alarm incidents. Not all security system owners understand the importance of keeping sensors clean, especially fire alarms and motion detectors, to prevent false alarms. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), US fire departments respond to approximately 2.2 million false alarms every year. One out of 12 calls to fire departments were home security system false alarms, with system malfunctions accounting for 32% of those false alarms.

Almost all motion sensors recognize motion by detecting changes in the amount of heat in a closed space. Debris, grime and dust can enter these sensors and mimic the heat changes to trigger false alarms. Insects inside the sensors can also trigger false alarms. Pay special attention to sensors installed in your basement as they get dirty very quickly. 

Check Security Cameras 

Security cameras are excellent deterrents. However, their installation will not help if you aren’t maintaining them. Along with preventive maintenance, you also need to ensure they are properly positioned and recording footage properly. Ensure all the security cameras, lights, sensors, and locks have power. 

Schedule Annual Fire and Safety Inspections

Every year, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors save thousands of lives. Therefore, it’s important to ensure these devices are working properly. This is where annual fire and safety inspections can help. 

Test the Security System

When you talk about “testing your security system,” there are several aspects of testing that you can cover. These include:

  • Testing smartphone-based security system features
  • Testing smoke and motion detectors
  • Testing cameras and video surveillance systems
  • Testing communication between different alarms and central monitoring stations
  • Testing access control systems

Maintaining the connectivity between different components of your security system is extremely vital. It’s best to involve your security system maintenance provider when testing the system. They can help you put the components in “test mode” before you begin testing. 

Update the Security System Regularly

Security technologies are constantly evolving. Therefore, you need to be keen-eyed when it comes to security system updates. These days, almost all security systems provide you with the option to check for regular system upgrades. Keeping your security system functional is critical to the security of your business and loved ones. Common security system upgrades include:

  • Latest software releases
  • System performance enhancements
  • Feature releases
  • Upgrades to existing features/software
  • Improvements to existing features/software.

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