Upgrading Your Security System: How to Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Upgrading Your Security System: How to Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Upgrading Your Security System: How to Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

One of the things on your agenda for this year is possibly upgrading your security system after realizing you’ve used the same technology for a decade or two.

So many changes have occurred since then that it’s almost overwhelming, though you’ve perhaps seen the consequences aging technology brings. If you still have old surveillance cameras without enhanced video clarity, it’s possible you’ve been unable to identify thieves who entered your property.

Other common aging alarm system technology problems include malfunctioning sensors, the motion detector device giving too many false alarms, or even discontinued cellular communication technologies.

If your security system is close to 20 years old, you wouldn’t even have technology like wireless capability or an app to help manage the system. As a result, someone could still enter your home and get away without being identified or even caught in the act.

Is it time to upgrade your home security system? Here are five reasons new technologies will keep your home safe in the 21st century and beyond.

More Security

Many alarms systems installed by other companies are “all-in-one” systems, meaning the panel, keypad, and siren are all together in a single unit. Thus, any intruder could just enter the home and physically rip the system out of the wall and destroy it. These types of attacks are made easier because an intruder either is drawn to it by the noise of the siren or knows the approximate location of the system. Intruders, able to recognize the type of security system, will be able to identify it as an easily attacked one. On top of that, many older systems are tied to a landline, which can be circumvented when a thief cuts the phone line. Even some of the initial cellular security systems are communicating with old second generation, or 2G, technology, which is currently being eliminated by cellular providers.

ProTech Security’s systems have always been distributed, meaning they are not “all-in-one” systems, making them inherently more resistant to physical attacks. The siren is separate from the keypad, which is separate from all peripheral components, and the panel is typically concealed and protected. If the system is tripped or if any of the peripheral components are attacked, the panel maintains its ability to transmit the alarm signal to the Central Station. We also offer panels that communicate using your internet or the latest cellular communication technology.

Protection From the Elements

It’s worth remembering that home security goes beyond preventing burglaries. Fires and other disasters could occur in your home without warning. With today’s home security systems, you can remotely monitor the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide and be alerted well before anything gets out of hand.

When it comes to the safety of your family and your home, anything less than constant and accurate residential fire detection and smoke monitoring just won’t cut it. A custom-designed fire system will monitor and alert you to any potential dangers and create time for everyone in your home to get away from the danger. ProTech Security can even monitor the temperature in your home and alert you if your sump pump fails and water is detected in your home!

Better Cameras

In the past, many security systems didn’t even utilize home surveillance cameras. Now, video surveillance is easy and affordable, and newer security cameras have higher definition for perfect clarity. When you need to identify a suspect during playback, it’s impossible if the definition level blurs out their face.

Along with better video quality, real-time surveillance cameras alert you to a crime in progress. Even better is having cameras watching and recording what’s occurring as a relay to police. This prevents false alarms and helps catch someone in the act rather than piecing together evidence from a burglar who’s long gone. These cameras can also feature video verification and validation solutions that allow you to keep an eye on what you value most — your family and loved ones.

Wireless Systems Are Easy to Install And Secure

There isn’t any doubt we’re living in a time where every piece of technology is turning wireless. Wireless security systems join all other appliances in the home using wireless technology, which ultimately saves time in installation, which means it’s a lower cost for you.

Being able to install a wireless alarm system in your home means no more dealing with hard-wired system components that could cause damage to walls. Installation doesn’t take as long either, and it helps you connect your security system to the online universe faster.

Most importantly, our wireless systems are secure and virtually impossible to be hacked. Our wireless components also use two-way communication. There are check-ins between the security system panel and all the devices as frequently as every three minutes — which means you never have to worry about a device being disabled and not protecting your home.

Remote Access

While older systems provide base home protection, the right communication capabilities greatly enhance the security performance of your system. Adding a cellular communication link keeps you connected to what matters most — your family.

Today, we are connected in ways that would have been hard to imagine a few years ago. By upgrading your security system by taking advantage of cellular, network and other communications channels, you get increased security, added convenience and a constantly growing list of new features. Control lights, locks, appliances, thermostat, your garage and more, from anywhere, so you always have peace of mind.

At ProTech Security, we have a strong history of experience, innovation, and customer service. The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 30 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions and government facilities. To see what ProTech Security can do for you, contact us today.

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