Small Business Security: The Importance of Home Business Security

Small Business Security: The Importance of Home Business Security

Small Business Security: The Importance of Home Business Security

Many mom-and-pop businesses assume they’re small enough to fly under the radar and go unnoticed by thieves. Unfortunately, this means that many of them fail to invest in a proper small business security system. This leaves them incredibly vulnerable, especially since (according to an Insureon study) nearly 9 percent of small businesses fell victim to burglary or theft in 2016.

With almost one in every ten small businesses being targeted by criminals, what about people operating businesses out of their homes? Is home business security as much of a concern, given that you don’t have an identifiable storefront? Absolutely! Here are some of the factors that people running businesses out of their homes should consider when thinking about security.

Merging the Public and Private

When you own a small business that operates out of a commercial space, there’s a clear delineation between work and home. Your equipment, records, cash, and other business-related valuables are kept at work. With a home business, there is no dividing line, which means that a criminal who targets your business electronics, merchandise, or other items will also need to violate your personal space — and perhaps the safety of your family — to get what they’re after.  

Another factor that makes home businesses different is the potential flow of traffic in and out of your residence. This is the case if you have employees or clients who need to stop by for collaboration or appointments. As part of a home business security strategy, many business owners ensure that their employees undergo criminal background checks, but if the nature of your business requires meetings with clients, you won’t be able to vet everyone who comes through your doors.

Some home business owners have their mail delivered to a post office box in order to keep their home address private. Still, anyone who is keeping an eye on homes in your neighborhood will be able to determine if one of them is a home business that might make a particularly rewarding target.  

This is why a comprehensive home business security system is a must. Best of all; it can seamlessly tie into your current home security system for added convenience and protection.

The Essentials of a Home Business Security System

It helps to think of a home business security system as you would any commercial security system — just on a smaller scale. Access control is probably one of the most important aspects of business security, whether it’s ensuring that your doors are securely locked when you’re not around or allowing trusted employees to have access to your home business. This can be achieved through commercial access control systems or tying your security system in with home automation devices so you can lock and unlock doors remotely.

As with any business, video surveillance plays an important part in keeping your home business secure. In addition to acting as a deterrent to criminals, it can also allow you to verify what’s currently happening via a live video stream on your smartphone or computer. Should a burglary occur, video footage gives authorities a better chance to catch the crooks and recover your valuables.

As a final piece of the puzzle, small business security should include a focus on cybersecurity. It’s easy to forget that these days that if thieves can’t get in through a physical door, they’ll try to break in through our internet-connected devices and accounts. Remember to secure all of your wireless networks and password-protect any devices that are connected to the internet.

Working from home is fantastic — especially if you own your own business. Make sure to protect all of your hard work, as well as your employees and your family, by designing a comprehensive home business security system.

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