Investing in Your Organization With a Small Business Security System

Investing in Your Organization With a Small Business Security System

Investing in Your Organization With a Small Business Security System

When you think of commercial security, chances are that you envision a large corporation with a security guard up front, James Bond-like fingerprint keypad locks on every entryway, and surveillance cameras gazing down from every angle.

Commercial security isn’t just important for large corporations, however. Small businesses need security, too, no matter how small they are or where they’re located. A small business security system can help protect your assets, your employees, and your customers, too!

Small Business Security System: Burglary Prevention for Small Businesses

While a small business security system is excellent for providing evidence to hopefully catch a criminal after they’ve broken into or stolen from your business, your security goals should include preventing crime and theft in the first place. When you think of security in terms of burglary prevention for small businesses, you’re being proactive to deter thieves before they even strike.

The most important aspect of burglary prevention for small businesses is installing a comprehensive commercial security system. Many businesses think they can’t possibly afford a small business security system, but the ROI of installing a proper security system can’t be overstated. From keeping your employees, customers, and assets safe from crime, as well as unexpected events such as fires, a commercial security system provides real peace of mind. In addition to protecting from outside threats, you’ll find that your security system works well to keep employees honest and prevent theft from inside actors, as well.

In addition to buying and installing a commercial security system, another strategy for burglary prevention for small businesses is to take a walk around the outside of your property and try to see it from a criminal’s viewpoint. Is it well-lit at night? Are there dumpsters pushed close to the building that would provide a good hiding place for someone who is up to no good? Make sure to keep all trees and bushes trimmed back and well-maintained to avoid obstructing your doors and windows.

It’s also essential to make sure all of your employees are well-trained on security procedures and policies, from how to handle cash, credit cards, sensitive information, and products to the proper way to lock up and ensure the security system is armed each night. Burglary prevention for small businesses is a team effort, and with everyone working together, your business will be more safe and secure.

Small Business Security System: Boosting Small Business Cybersecurity

Physical threats aren’t the only concerns when you’re debating whether to get a small business security system; it’s also important to take small business cybersecurity into consideration. Like much larger companies, many smaller businesses are utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to make running their businesses quicker and more convenient. When we discuss “IoT devices,” we’re referring to the universe of smart devices that are now available, from smart printers and speakers to lighting, thermostats, and door locks that are connected to the internet.

While IoT devices make the day-to-day running of your business much easier, they also create concerns around small business cybersecurity. Hackers frequently target devices in homes that are connected to WiFi and Bluetooth, but with thousands of dollars of merchandise, supplies, and possibly even cash on hand, hacking into a small business’s IoT devices may seem even more enticing.

Thankfully, there are ways to thwart enterprising hackers who may want to take advantage of weaknesses in your small business cybersecurity. One of the best ways to keep things buttoned down is to make sure you have a professionally-installed security system that communicates with all of your devices. This way, the technician who installs it can ensure that everything is encrypted and all software is up-to-date to keep thieves out. From your door locks to your lights and thermostats, this will ensure that no one wreaks havoc inside your business.

If you have other IoT devices that aren’t a part of your security system, change the default password that comes with the device, use two-factor authentication, and take the initiative to perform software updates to patch any security holes. In this ever-changing world of technology, it’s important to combat criminals on all fronts — including small business cybersecurity.

Small Business Security System: The Importance of Home Business Security

If you run your business out of your home, you have a doubly important reason to get a small business security system. One break-in or fire could result in you not only losing items that are pricey and personally significant to you; it can also mean the loss of the equipment, assets, and information you use to make a living for your family.

So how do you go about creating a “home/business security” combo? There are special considerations for home businesses that don’t exist in a typical home. For one, you may have clients or others associated with your business visiting your home, which means a parade of people your neighbors may not recognize constantly moving in and out of your home. This makes it hard for them to recognize when someone’s there who doesn’t belong. Also, if it’s well-known that you run your business from your home, this may make it the target of thieves hoping to find expensive computer equipment, cash, or other valuables.

All of this simply means that when you have a home business, you need to beef up the security you’d have were it just your home. Consider adding additional security cameras to monitor your office or anywhere you have business assets stored. If you have employees or assistants who come to your home, install remote locks on the doors they’ll access in order to monitor who comes and goes.

As you upgrade your home security, keep in mind that there are also home business security system tax deductions you may be able to take advantage of. Turning your home security system into a small business security system isn’t hard — and it will help protect your family and your livelihood.

Small Business Security System: Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to small business security systems is figuring out who comes and goes at what time. Years ago, small businesses had one choice in terms of security: an employee with a key came in for the early shift, opened the door and disarmed the alarm, and then they’d get to work. If the door was unlocked and the alarm disarmed in the middle of the night, there may be no explanation. Was it an employee? Did a thief somehow secure a key? This would also lead to confusion if someone needed to access the business after hours and accidentally set off the alarm.

With today’s remote access solutions for small businesses, all of that is a thing of the past. Today’s small business security systems keep business owners connected at all times, no matter where they are. Access control technology is now in use by businesses large and small in industries that range from pharmacies to auto dealerships. Smart locks can be controlled by the business owner remotely or can be set to allow specific employees access to certain areas.

In addition to this, should an alarm be set off, remote access solutions for small businesses provide instant answers from afar. Business owners receive important alerts telling them what’s going on and can even control their security systems and access video surveillance from their computers or smartphones.

If you’re a small business owner working hard at running your company day in and day out, you may wonder how you can afford a small business security system. The real question is this: with the convenience and peace of mind it provides, how can you afford not to?

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