Protection Playbook: Why You Need a Quality Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Protection Playbook: Why You Need a Quality Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Protection Playbook: Why You Need a Quality Security Alarm Monitoring Service

The best response to any disaster — whether it’s a fire or a medical emergency — is to prepare for it before it even happens. This is why it makes good sense to have a custom-designed fire and evacuation system installed in your home. These types of systems feature multiple levels of protection that include burglar, fire, and carbon monoxide detection all tied into a security alarm monitoring service.

That last part is essential. While many homes have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and even sensors that beep if a door or window is unexpectedly opened, if those sensors aren’t integrated into a centralized system that’s being monitored by a team of professionals, all they effectively do is make noise. A comprehensive home security system should be linked to a central control pad, monitored, and monitored locally for the best possible protection and service.

Why Is a Security Alarm Monitoring Service Important?

We live in a world of noise. Walk down the street on any given day and you’ll be overloaded by sound. Alarms sounding due to being accidentally triggered have become so commonplace that we’ve learned to tune them out. A car alarm going off as we move through a parking lot barely garners a glance, and most people are very likely to drive down the street past the sound of a home security system sounding without even stopping to check out the source of the noise.

This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to have your home burglar alarm connected to a security alarm monitoring service. Much more than just a loud noise, this turns your burglar alarm into a home security system with someone on guard 24/7. If you’re at work or away on vacation, a burglar or fire alarm being triggered will result in the monitoring service contacting police or the fire department to ensure that nothing is amiss at your house.

Medical Monitoring at Home

Using a security alarm monitoring service is good for more than just sending help in the event of a fire or break-in; it’s also an excellent way to keep older or ill family members safe if no one else is home.

We all want our older loved ones to continue to live independently. While their health may be excellent overall and they’re able to come and go as they please, falls become an increasing concern with age, as well as unexpected medical emergencies that could render someone unable to reach the telephone to call for help.

For many families, tying medical alert technology into their home security systems provides a good balance of independence and peace of mind. These devices work through either a wall-mounted emergency button or a pendant worn by your loved one. Either way, a press of a button enables two-way communication with the security alarm monitoring service, meaning that help is always at hand.

There’s no doubt that using a security alarm monitoring service is a must to protect your home and family. By working with your security company to custom-design a system for your household (whether you have elderly family members, pets, or small children) and ensuring that your system is being monitored locally, you’ll be able to achieve the ultimate protection.

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