Protection Playbook: The Benefits of a Custom-Designed Fire and Evacuation System

Protection Playbook: The Benefits of a Custom-Designed Fire and Evacuation System

Protection Playbook: The Benefits of a Custom-Designed Fire and Evacuation System

When a house fire strikes, your family and pets only have a matter of minutes to get out. According to, a fire can threaten the lives of occupants in only two minutes. Within five minutes, the flames can spread to engulf the entire home. This is just one of the reasons your home needs a fire and evacuation system. 

Flames aren’t the only concern when it comes to house fires, however. While we tend to worry about people or pets getting trapped by a fire, a report by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) shows smoke to be an even more serious threat. People are twice as likely to die in a house fire due to smoke inhalation than they are from burn injuries.

All this means that if a fire breaks out at home, time is of the essence and every second counts. Experts recommend that every home is equipped with smoke and fire detectors, but simply popping one on the ceiling isn’t enough. A fire system is the best solution, and it should be equipped with properly-installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are monitored 24-7.

Smoke Detector Layout and Installation

How many smoke detectors does your home need? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Different homes have varying amounts of square footage and different layouts. Organizations like the NFPA recommend installing smoke detectors on every level of your home, inside of each bedroom, outside of sleeping areas, and in every hallway. They suggest leaving no more than 30 feet between each smoke detection device.

Best practice is to have a custom fire system installed and tied to your home security system. In addition to having a system that monitors and protects your home from intruders, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your smoke (as well as carbon monoxide) detectors were custom-installed by professionals who will look at your home’s size and layout in order to ensure that no area goes unprotected.

Another plus of a fire system that’s connected to your home security system? Continuous monitoring.

Why Is It Important to Have My Fire and Evacuation System Monitored?

As we mentioned before, when a house fire breaks out, every second counts. Today’s home security systems are more technologically-advanced than ever before, meaning that when a problem arises, you can receive instant notifications via your smartphone. If you’re at work, away on vacation, or even upstairs asleep, this lets you know that something is amiss. If you have security cameras installed, you might even check the live video feed to verify what’s going on. If you see smoke filling up the kitchen, for example, this gives you the opportunity to call your teenager (who oblivious to the smoke alarm as she texts with headphones on in her upstairs bedroom) and tell her to evacuate right away.

As an added level of protection, a monitored home security system means that your fire system is always being watched by trained professionals who are ready to send help if an emergency arises. By the time you’re aware of an ongoing fire, rescuers can be on the way to your home — saving precious minutes and possibly preventing injuries and extensive property damage.

If a fire starts in your home, the first priority is to get everyone evacuated and moved to a safe place as quickly as possible. The second priority is to put the fire out before it destroys the home or nearby structures. A fire system that’s professionally-installed and monitored can help with both of these objectives, ensuring the safety of your loved ones, as well as your home.

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