Protection Playbook: Obtaining Total Home Control … With a Wireless Home Security System

Protection Playbook: Obtaining Total Home Control … With a Wireless Home Security System

Protection Playbook: Obtaining Total Home Control … With a Wireless Home Security System

The modern home is full of impressive technology. On the protection front, we’ve got detectors, sensors, and video surveillance systems that protect our homes and family members from fires, carbon monoxide incidents, burglaries, and medical emergencies. Should a fire or disaster occur, a fire and evacuation system will ensure that emergency services will be alerted and that everyone can get out safely. On the convenience front, the Internet of Things has given us remote door locks, thermostats, lights, and more. IoT devices have truly provided total home control.

Integrating all of these systems together ensures effortless control of not only your thermostat, lights and other home automation products — but your overall home security. Here are a few ways your home security system can give you better total home control and increased overall safety.

Total Home Control with Z-Wave Devices

A few decades ago, the home technology of today would have seemed impossible. Smart devices can be controlled with a tap on your phone screen, enabling you to do things like control your lights, adjust your thermostat, or open and close door locks without leaving the couch (or even being at home!) By using Z-Wave devices tied into Amazon Echo, you don’t even need to tap a screen; simply ask Alexa to do all the work for you.  

This kind of total home control means no more getting settled into bed upstairs and having to get up again after realizing that you forgot to lock the front door or left the kitchen light on. With your phone in reach or Alexa within earshot, you can easily lock everything up and shut everything down without hopping out of bed again.

Taking Control of Home Security

It’s great to be able to make sure your doors are locked once you’re in bed for the night or even if you’re sitting at your desk at the office, but what about your home security system? Today’s security systems are much more than just burglar alarms; remote control technology allows them to be armed and disarmed from anywhere through your computer or a smartphone app. This makes it easy to arm the system if you’ve forgotten to do so, as well as let family members or repair technicians into the house if you’re away.

Video surveillance is another important part of the home protection puzzle. By checking in on video camera feeds via your computer or phone, you can easily look in on pets or family members, as well as verify that everything’s OK if an alarm is triggered while you’re away.

Geofencing Devices for Ultimate Peace of Mind

We often think of home security as being primarily focused on keeping unwanted people off of our property, but what about keeping track of the whereabouts of loved ones as they come and go? This is a huge concern for households with latchkey kids, as well as families with teenagers who are prone to heading out without permission or coming home late.

Geofencing devices provide an additional layer of safety by allowing you to track the movements of loved ones when they enter and leave your home. This technology functions via tracking the cell phones of family members as they enter and exit the geofenced area. You can receive notifications on your phone to let you know that your child has arrived home from school at the expected time, for example. Much to your teenager’s displeasure, you can also receive a notification if they sneak out of the house with their cell phone in tow in the middle of the night.

Rather than having your home automation devices, security system, and geofencing technology all working independently, it makes the most sense to integrate them and have them work seamlessly together. Not only will this provide you with total home control; it will also provide you with total peace of mind.

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