Incorporating Z-Wave With Amazon Echo

Incorporating Z-Wave With Amazon Echo

Incorporating Z-Wave With Amazon Echo

Years ago, everyone imagined the “Home of the Future.” This home would be like a scene out of The Jetsons, with robots cleaning the floors, making coffee, turning on the air conditioner, and playing music on demand.

With today’s smart devices, this fictional Home of the Future really has become reality. These devices are both a luxury and a necessity for keeping our homes comfortable, as well as keeping our families safe. They provide us with hands-free access to music and movies, as well as enabling us to make our homes more secure.

One way to utilize some of today’s most cutting-edge smart home devices is by incorporating Z-Wave with Amazon Echo. Z-Wave makes a diverse line of automated devices, while the Echo provides a way to control them simply by providing audible commands. The Amazon Echo app makes it easy to find and pair all of your compatible devices.

Here are some of the things you can do when you pair Z-Wave with an Amazon Echo unit.

A Few of Our Favorite Ways to Pair Z-Wave With Amazon Echo

Remotely Control Your Home Security System

The DMP Virtual Keypad App took convenience to an entirely new level when it became available as an Amazon Echo skill. A home security system is only helpful if you actually use it, and DMP/Amazon Echo compatibility makes arming and disarming your system easier than ever.

When you arm your home security system with your Amazon Echo, you can choose from all the same arming modes you use on your physical keypad. For instance, if you say, “Alexa, tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system home,” or “Alexa, tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system away,” the security system will respond, setting the alarm and engaging the appropriate sensors and motion detectors. The DMP Virtual Keypad App also allows you to control your locks, lights, and thermostat, which we’ll discuss more in the next few sections.

Lock the Doors to Your Home

Believe it or not, nearly one-third of burglaries happen when a thief simply walks in through an unlocked door. With this in mind, anything that enables you to secure common home entry points is a plus. While home automation apps allow you to lock connected doors and window via access to your smartphone, when you pair door locks made by Z-Wave with Amazon Echo, you don’t even need to reach for your phone. Simply ask Alexa to lock your front door and it’s done.

Hear Security Notifications

With your home security notification apps set up to play over your Echo via Bluetooth, you now have an extra layer of security. With your home security system activated, Alexa can let you know if a door or window has been opened. She’ll also tell you if a motion detector in your home has been activated. These types of notifications can help bring you greater peace of mind, especially if you’re home alone.

Take Your Lighting to a New Level

Anyone who is familiar with the way smart home controls work have probably guessed that by pairing Z-Wave with Amazon Echo, you can turn your lights on and off. This is helpful if you come through the door and have your hands full of grocery bags, for instance, or if you’ve just settled in with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie and forgot to switch off the lights.

Another fantastic feature that many people are unaware of is this: if you have dimmable smart light bulbs, you can customize your lighting level by requesting Alexa to turn them up or down.

Keep the Temperature Comfortable

Finally, pairing a thermostat that’s compatible with Z-Wave with Amazon Echo will enable you to easily control the temperature without lifting a hand. On those days when you feel chilly, then warm, then chilly all over again, this can save you from searching for your cell phone or taking repeated trips to the thermostat.

From better home security to conveniences like lighting and thermostat control, combining the technology of Z-Wave with Amazon Echo really has made the Home of the Future a reality.

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