Easy Home Security for Busy People — 8 Useful Tips

Easy Home Security for Busy People — 8 Useful Tips

Easy Home Security for Busy People — 8 Useful Tips

Is remote working taking a toll on your daily schedule? Are you finding it difficult to strike a work-life balance while working from home? Don’t worry; we have some quick tips on home security for busy people!

With new routines and work, homeowners often neglect home security. But, burglars strike every 18 seconds, so home security should be your top priority.

You can no longer leave your doors and windows open; times have changed. According to a report by the FBI, 160 burglaries take place in the US every hour. That’s approximately 3,840 burglaries every day.

Nevertheless, by putting preventing measures in place, you can secure your home and family.

Here are 8 tips to help you get started with home security.

Easy Home Security for Busy People — 8 Useful Tips

1. Lock the Doors

34% of burglars enter through the front door. However, that does not mean you should only secure the front door of your home. Ensure all your doors are properly secured and have sturdy frames. Also, ensure the hinges are strong and the locks are in place. If you are moving to a new property, change all the locks. Here are some quick tips to secure the doors in your house:

  • Leverage smart locks to monitor and lock the doors remotely
  • Install deadbolts for maximizing safety
  • Add a strike plate to prevent forced break-ins
  • Enhance security with video doorbells

If you’ve installed sliding glass doors, ensure you reinforce them. Alternatively, you can install glass break sensors that alert you if burglars try to break or tamper with the glass door.

2. Secure the Windows

23% of burglars enter through a window. Therefore, it’s important to burglar-proof your windows. While the windows may already have latches and locks, they aren’t always effective. Here are 8 ways to secure the windows:

  • Install reliable locks, such as keyed locks, hinged wedge locks, pin locks, and sash locks
  • Set up windows sensors to detect when the window is opened or tampered with
  • Get tempered glass windows; tempered glass is four times stronger than normal glass
  • Install plexiglass or polycarbonate windows if you are willing to invest in premium-quality glass windows; plexiglass is made of acrylic
  • Add security cameras near windows and doors; ensure the security cameras are HD and have night vision
  • Include an additional layer of security by adding windows bars; even if burglars manage to break the window, the window bars won’t allow them to enter your home
  • Install floodlights or motion lights near the windows to deter burglars
  • Place thorny shrubs around the windows to prevent burglars from entering

3. Light Up the Outdoor Areas

One of the easiest ways to enhance home security for busy people is to add ample lighting in outdoor areas. Burglars, robbers, and vandals avoid well-lit areas. Install lights near outdoor structures, the garage, around your front and backyards, along pathways, and outside your entrance. You can enhance the impact of outdoor lights by:

  • Using motion-activated lights
  • Adding timers to outdoor lights
  • Saving energy with solar-powered lights

4. Secure the Garage

Entry through the garage is becoming common practice for burglars. They know homeowners store valuables in their garage. Therefore, ensure you lock your garage, whether you are inside or traveling. Secure both the interior and exterior. Here are some tried and tested ways to secure the garage:

  • Install a smart garage door opener
  • Secure the windows
  • Secure the garage door with smart locks
  • Add security cameras around the garage

5. Install Home Security Cameras

Security cameras can deter burglars from entering your property. You can install individual security cameras or get a comprehensive home security system. It’s best to get security cameras that work with smartphone apps so you can see the footage in real-time and store it for later use. Ensure the security cameras comprise the following features:

  • Cloud storage
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Weatherproof covers for outdoor cameras
  • Wi-Fi capabilities

6. Eliminate Potential Hiding Areas

While shrubs and trees enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, they also serve as hiding places for burglars. Therefore, ensure you regularly trim overgrown shrubs and trees, especially those near the windows. Instead, place thorny shrubs that can deter burglars.

7. Install a Comprehensive Security System

The best way to secure your home is to install a professional security system. Even though you can set up a basic DIY security system, end-to-end solutions are more reliable. Also, ensure you buy a security system from a reputable brand. These days, many home security systems comprise smart features, such as smart locks, smart sensors, smart lights, and so on. However, they are more expensive.

8. Leverage Home Automation

Have you considered turning your home into a smart home? Smart home security features, such as smart lights, smart locks, smart sensors, and so on, can be controlled using smartphone apps. You can get instant alerts about suspicious activities and respond quickly. Here are some interesting ways to make the most of home automation:

  • Watch instant video feeds through the video doorbell when someone walks up to your door
  • Turn on or turn off lights when you are traveling
  • Check on a fire or carbon monoxide alarm when you are traveling

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