Let in Light, Not Burglars With Sliding Glass Door Security

Let in Light, Not Burglars With Sliding Glass Door Security

Let in Light, Not Burglars With Sliding Glass Door Security

With today’s home security technology, thieves have never been at more of a disadvantage. Homeowners are monitoring their homes from every angle via home surveillance cameras and video doorbells. Home security systems allow them to be connected to everything that goes on when they’re away. Advanced home security has people more tuned in than ever before.

Sadly, however, even the most tech-savvy homeowner can neglect one of the most basic facets of keeping their home buttoned-down: sliding glass door security. Because sliding glass doors tend to be out of sight around the side or back of most houses, they’re often overlooked when it comes to security. They’re not overlooked by thieves, however – and the problem is so serious that the Orlando Sentinel devoted an entire article to sliding glass door security. Here’s what you need to know.

Sliding Glass Door Security

A sliding glass door’s typical location on the side or back of a home is only one reason that they make such attractive targets for thieves. These types of doors are made of glass that’s often easily breakable. In addition to this, they typically have weak latches that are easily forced open.

To combat this, choose a sliding glass door made of tempered or laminated glass, as this is tougher to penetrate. Opt for heavy-duty, reinforced latches and door jambs. Another good strategy for sliding glass door security is to install glass-break and vibration detectors that will alert you not only in the event of broken glass but also if someone is in the process of trying to break your sliding glass door.

Illuminate Your Entryways

Criminals frequently target sliding glass doors not only because they’re often weaker and easier to break into, but also because they’re typically installed in areas of the house that are less visible from the street. This is especially the case at night. To add another layer of sliding glass door security, install motion sensor lighting to keep all entryways illuminated at night.

A bonus security tip in addition to utilizing plenty of exterior lighting is to make sure that all landscaping is well-maintained and kept away from doors and windows. Bushes, shrubs, and thick foliage give enterprising burglars the perfect place to lurk until it’s time to strike.

Install Door Sensors

Finally, make sure that your sliding glass doors are equipped with door sensors that are wired into your monitored home security system, just as you would with all of your other doors and windows. Because sliding glass doors are one of the top five entry points through which thieves get into homes, door sensors offer an additional layer of security.

Door alarms can help in a variety of situations. First, they provide extra peace of mind that should you forget to lock a sliding glass door, it doesn’t go unmonitored in the meantime. If you lock the door and a criminal breaks the latch and forces their way in, the door alarm will sound and alert you, as well as your security monitoring company.

Sliding glass door alarms aren’t all-or-nothing, opened-or-closed, however. Like windows, many people like to keep their sliding glass door cracked to let in fresh air in. Some homeowners also leave their sliding glass doors opened a bit to allow pets to come and go. Security sensors on these doors can be customized to only trigger if the door is opened more than a specific amount – allowing a cat to come and go, for example, but sounding the alarm if it’s opened wide enough for a human to enter.

By including sliding glass door security in your overall home security strategy, you can have peace of mind that you’ve got your home, possessions, and family members truly covered when it comes to safety and security.

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