Door Security — From Front to Back to Side

Door Security — From Front to Back to Side

Door Security — From Front to Back to Side

These days, homeowners have a lot of tools at hand to help them keep their homes and families safe. Advanced home security includes technology such as home security systems that monitor entry through doors and windows, video cameras, medical alert devices, and more. The foundation of excellent home security starts with good door security to protect your home’s main entry points.

The first step in home door security is ensuring that all of your doors are made of solid material and can be firmly secured. While most metal and high-quality wooden doors are rather difficult to break through, sliding glass doors and doors with glass panels are often problematic. If possible, make sure any glass in your doors is tempered or laminated glass, which is much stronger than regular glass.

The second step in basic home door security might seem like common sense, but it’s one that’s frequently neglected by homeowners: lock all of your doors. Government statistics show that 40% of unlawful entries into unoccupied homes happen through an unlocked door or window.

Keep an Eye Out with Video Doorbells and Surveillance Cameras

Another great layer to add to your home door security is installing a video doorbell. Much more than just the latest tech trend, these little devices are effectively deterring crime, as well as catching criminals in the act. Law enforcement authorities such as the LAPD agree; in 2017, the commanding officer of the West Los Angeles police division told USA Today that video doorbells work to help reduce crime.

In addition to alerting you when someone is at your door, video doorbells work in coordination with the rest of your home video surveillance to let you keep an eye on everything going on around your home. Being able to check on all areas of your home with a glance provides huge peace of mind whether you’re away on vacation or upstairs reading the kids a bedtime story.

Put Door Security in the Spotlight with Motion Lighting

An entry point that’s not clearly visible is a tantalizing target for criminals, which is why it’s recommended for homeowners to keep trees, bushes, landscaping, and other items trimmed and moved well away from doors and windows. In addition to this, consider installing motion lighting that activates whenever it senses movement in a particular area.

Motion lighting is a particularly good idea in places that are typically more remote and less visible, such as your backyard. Another great place to consider installing it is in your garage. Because garages are frequently either detached or positioned farther away from the main living areas of a home, they’re common places for thieves to try to force entry – either to take advantage of expensive items stored within or to try their luck in gaining entry to the rest of the house. The unexpected glare of motion lighting is often enough to send them scurrying away!

Batten Down the Hatches with Deadbolts and Door Sensors

Finally, add an additional layer of security to your doors themselves by making sure your deadbolts and door jambs are reinforced. The screws in all strike plates should be longer than three inches for maximum strength; you can also purchase door jamb and strike plate reinforcement kits at most hardware stores. This helps strengthen the area where a burglar is most likely to target your door with a well-aimed kick.

Should a burglar get one of your doors open by breaking it, unlocking it with a stolen key, or entering when it’s unlocked, having door sensors installed will ensure that you’re immediately alerted of the unexpected entry. A quick check of your security cameras and confirmation with your security alarm monitoring company will mean that police are on the way immediately.

While effective home security consists of several different layers that allow you to deter, prevent, monitor, and quickly call for help, the most basic home protection strategy starts with good door security to keep thieves out and alert you right away should someone find their way inside.

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