Get Complete Home Protection With These Backyard Security Tips

Get Complete Home Protection With These Backyard Security Tips

Get Complete Home Protection With These Backyard Security Tips

When it comes to home security, most of us are focussed on securing the interiors of our homes. Unfortunately, backyard security is something many of us tend to ignore. But, whether it’s a burglary inside your home or in the backyard, the average property loss per burglary is $2,251. Therefore, it is just as important to secure the outside of your home (yard, patio, kid’s playing area, gazebo, etc.) as it is the inside. 

Backyard security can help you prevent hazards waiting for you and your family in and around your property. Here’s how to keep every inch of your property safe and sound.

Shine a Light on Your Property With Motion Sensor Lighting

When it comes to the security of your yard, motion sensor lighting can be an effective security measure. Motion sensor lighting is especially useful in the case of heavy foliage. As soon as the sensor detects motion, the lights get activated and remain on for up to 20-30 seconds. If the sensor continues to detect motion, the lights stay on. 

The motion sensor in the lighting system is exceptionally reliable as it uses your body heat and wavelengths to sense movement. And, the best thing is that you can adjust the sensitivity level so that the lights don’t get activated even when the wind blows or a mosquito crosses their path. 

Motion sensor lights are environmentally-friendly and efficient, so you don’t need full-time outdoor lighting to secure your backyard. Burglars look for vulnerable homes. As soon as the motion sensor lights get activated, they flee and never come back. Therefore, motion sensor lighting acts as a good deterrent against burglars. It is an effective way to secure your backyard without spending a fortune on high-end security lights. If you use dedicated outdoor lights that remain lit all-night, burglars can actually benefit from knowing which areas are being monitored and which areas are dark. 

The best place to install motion sensor lighting is the sidewalk leading to the entrance doors. Other suitable areas to install motion sensor lighting are stairways, patio areas, decks, parking areas, and garages. For better security, it would be a good idea to install motion sensor lights at the entrance and back doors of your home. All in all, motion sensor lighting should be installed in such a way that it doesn’t face the house so that the lights illuminate what’s in the backyard rather than what’s happening inside the house.

Keep All Your Belongings Safe With Outdoor Home Security

Installing motion sensor lighting is one way to secure your backyard. Other outdoor home security measures include keeping your belongings safe and secured. From your ladders to your patio furniture and lawn mowers, burglars may have their eyes on anything. 

Here are a few simple and useful tips to get you started:

  • Protect your ladders — If you have ladders in your backyard, don’t forget to chain them. You can also use padlocks to keep your ladders secure. Burglars can use the ladders to reach the top floors of your home. If possible, store the ladders in the garage or inside your home. 
  • Don’t leave your tools unattended — If you’re working in your backyard, put your tools in the garage once you’ve finished your work. Burglars can use tools such as crowbars, hammers, shovels, and screwdrivers to gain entry through the doors and windows. 
  • Chain your patio furniture — Patio furniture is lightweight, expensive, and unprotected. Therefore, it becomes a cakewalk for many burglars. The best way to protect patio furniture is to lock it using a steel cable and lock. Run the steel cable through the joints and frames of your patio furniture to tie them together. You can go to any hardware store and buy a steel cable. 
  • Take pictures of your outdoor belongings — This can be of great help in case of theft. You can also take pictures of other valuable outdoor items such as decorative items, fire pits, grills, etc. This way, you can keep everything documented in case you need insurance coverage.

Rein it All in With Home Security Fences

The most effective backyard security measure is installing strong home security fences that are difficult to break through or climb. The fence should be good quality, robust, and high. A picket fence with sharp ends can be a good option. 

There are two uses of successful home security fences — to visually discourage burglars through the design of the fence and to make it impossible for them to break through or climb the fences. Both the uses come together to provide the utmost backyard security. 

When choosing home security fences, pay attention to the height. Many residential home security fences have a 6-foot height restriction. Check your local laws as well as to how high your fences can be. 

Another significant aspect of home security fences is their locking mechanism. Strong gates and latches with bolts and welded hardware make sure the fences don’t become weak. Nuts should be tightly welded to prevent their removal. Although manual latches and locks are more user-friendly, latches and locks with self-closing mechanism are safer and difficult for burglars to bypass. 

You can also add technology such as lights, outdoor cameras, and video doorbells to deter intruders. As much as possible, get home security fences with a lethal look. Avoid solid fences as they are easier to climb. Wrought-iron fences are recommended as they are strong and durable.

Promote That You Have a Home Alarm System

A home alarm system is undoubtedly the best way to secure your home. However, unfortunately, you cannot install one in your backyard. In this case, signage and stickers can come in handy. If burglars know your home is secured with an alarm system, they are highly likely to move to a more vulnerable target. According to a report by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, approximately 60% of convicted burglars and intruders stated that the presence of a home alarm system influenced their decision to move to an easier target. 

Here are some interesting tips on how you can inform burglars that you have a home alarm system:

  • Install signage or stickers on the fence or windows with the name of your security company highlighted. You can also put up a sign saying “Smile, You’re on Camera.” 
  • Don’t hide the cameras. Make them as visible as possible. Walkways, doorways, and sheds are good places to install outdoor cameras. 
  • Posting neighborhood watch signs (even if you don’t have an official watch set up).

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