Commercial Robbery Prevention Tips

Commercial Robbery Prevention Tips

Commercial Robbery Prevention Tips

While robberies typically take place after your business’ closing hours, they can — and do — occur during normal business hours. Either way, it’s important to implement a commercial robbery prevention plan to prevent huge losses in your business. 

Robberies impact your business, employees, customers, and clients. So, to prevent a robbery and keep everyone safe, ensure you follow these commercial robbery prevention tips.

Top Commercial Robbery Prevention Tips You Should Not Ignore

In addition to securing your business using commercial security monitoring and safety techniques, these useful commercial robbery prevention tips will protect your business and make it less vulnerable.

Remove Easy Access to Valuables 

To eliminate quick access to valuables, such as cash, jewelry, expensive appliances, and so on, use lockout safes and ensure you are using the time-delayed ones. Leave limited cash in the cash register. As much as possible, encourage customers to pay electronically so that you don’t have a lot of cash to steal. 

Take Control of Your Facility’s Environment

Do not provide robbers with any control of your facility’s environment. Install commercial security cameras at your front door or window. Install a monitor in a neighboring store so that they can check your facility in your absence and inform the police in the event of a robbery. Commercial security cameras can also help you keep a record of vehicles and customers arriving at your door. Don’t forget to place a commercial security camera behind your cash register.

Limit Access to Your Staff Using Electronic Access Control

By using an electronic access system, you can secure different areas of your business facility while allowing the authorized staff easy access. You can use commercial access control in specific areas or the entire building. Electronic access control can also prevent employee theft. The systems are highly secure and can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Some electronic access control systems use a swipe card while the others use keypads. 

Ensure Your Commercial Property is Adequately Lit

One of the most critical commercial robbery prevention tips is keeping your commercial property well-lit, both inside and outside. Replace any burned-out or broken lights immediately. Keep bushes and trees trimmed so that they don’t block out any light. Also, exercise caution after dark, especially when taking out the trash at night.

Use a Good-Quality, Verified Security Alarm System

Burglar security alarm systems come with 24/7 monitoring services that monitor your business round-the-clock from a central control room. In case of a burglary or robbery, the control room immediately alerts security personnel and medical services. So, ensure you install a good-quality and verified burglar security system to safeguard your business. About 60% of burglars seek an alternative target if an alarm is present. Also, businesses without a burglar security alarm system are 4.5 times more likely to be robbed. 

Other Necessary Commercial Robbery Prevention Tips

  • Have at the most two employees open and close your business.
  • Avoid releasing any personal/commercial information to strangers.
  • Avoid using fixed routes and times for bank deposits.
  • Stay alert. Know all your employees closely and collect their details. Keep an eye on people who hang around without purchasing anything. Also, keep a check on suspicious activities outside your commercial property. Note down the vehicle numbers of suspicious vehicles.
  • Greet customers when they enter your facility. Look them in the eyes and try to assess their intention. This gesture can discourage burglars and robbers.
  • Trust your instincts. If you sense something wrong, call the security personnel immediately instead of taking control of the situation.
  • In the event of a robbery, ensure your safety first. Protect the crime scene and ask any witnesses to stay back until the police arrive.

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