The Importance of a High-Tech Business Security System

The Importance of a High-Tech Business Security System

The Importance of a High-Tech Business Security System

With advancing technology (and the risks that come with it), the need for small businesses and enterprises to secure their properties and workforces from internal and external threats has never been higher. No matter what you do or how large you are, you need a business security system.

While you can secure a building with a basic security system, a business needs a lot more than just an alarm system to operate with complete peace of mind. Consequently, business owners should understand the level of protection they require when it comes to purchasing a high-tech business security system with robust alarm systems and 24-hour monitoring.

A solid business security system provides employees with complete peace of mind, protects your assets and data, minimizes insurance rates, and so much more.  

Business Security System Tips: Commercial Disaster Protection

So, you’ve invested significant resources and time in growing your business. You have a stellar reputation for providing great products and/or services and a good customer base. Now, imagine that your business is hit by a natural disaster or an interior pipe burst, leaving all your machines and documents in shambles. The threat of natural disasters can leave your business vulnerable to massive losses. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to be well-prepared to tackle such unforeseen circumstances.

In the event of a natural disaster or weather extremity, do you have a commercial disaster protection plan in place? Do you know how to handle the disaster or who to call in case of an emergency? By incorporating proper workplace security measures and planning ahead, you can protect your business from hurricanes, earthquakes, flash floods, tornadoes, or anything else that comes your way.

To truly be protected from severe weather and natural disasters, you need a robust business security system with monitored alarms and alerts, breaking glass detectors, motion sensors, door and window alarms, and temperature and water sensors, and more — and it all needs to be connected to a centralized monitoring system and local disaster management services.

Also, don’t forget about technological disasters. Hacking, ransomware infections, viruses, and other cybersecurity attacks can wreak havoc on your business. Information technology is a key component of any business, and you should treat it as high-priority when it comes to protecting your business. Cybersecurity is an essential part of commercial disaster protection. By securing your digital devices, networks, and internet connections using password protection and access control, you can keep hackers and other technological threats away.

Business Security System Tips: Commercial Video Surveillance

Commercial video surveillance is another necessary component to a robust business security system. Day or night, video security systems and cameras can help you capture theft and other suspicious activities and track them. You can combine commercial video surveillance with access control to leverage a comprehensive, integrated security system.

Whether it’s for the security of your facility or management of customers, video surveillance technology is improving every year. As video surveillance continues to be a dominant tool when it comes to the security of your business, here are a few upcoming trends you cannot afford to miss.

Increased Use of Data to Supplement Video Analytics. Video surveillance data is becoming more and more significant — not just for protecting people, but also for helping businesses yield better financial returns by tracking trends and patterns.

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems with Embedded Intelligence. Intelligent video surveillance systems can modify the video data collection rate. As soon as a security incident indicator is sensed, the video data collection rate is increased to provide richer evidence for more credible and accurate analysis.

Video Verification. A real-time video verification system protects your business, customers, and profits. In the case of an intrusion, the video verification system transmits video clips of the unwanted intrusion to the central monitoring station.  Vital information can then be relayed to the responding authorities. If the system or employees monitoring the video clips validate the presence of an intruder, the police are dispatched immediately.

Other advantages of commercial video surveillance include:

  • Ward off vandals and trespassers
  • Reduce losses from thefts
  • Monitor daily operations
  • Track internal theft by contractors and employees
  • View facility from anywhere using a tablet or smartphone
  • Decrease liability from unwarranted lawsuits and claims

Business Security System Tips: Commercial Visitor Management

No visitor should be left unchecked. Large enterprises, small businesses, and multi-location businesses with public access require an easy to use and stress-free method to check-in and monitor the location of visitors as well as employees.

As the name suggests, you can keep tabs on your visitors using a full-fledged commercial visitor management system. You can install a standalone commercial visitor management system, but it’s best to integrate it with your business security system. A commercial visitor management system is a dual-purpose entity. It saves the time of front-desk resources who could be wasting hours maintaining manual visitor logs and handling traditional visitor registration systems. And, it protects your business from criminals and intruders.

An efficient and robust visitor management system can save time, infrastructure costs, organizational resources, and critical business information. Here are some other benefits of an automated visitor management system.

Fast and Efficient Visitor Check-in Method with a Professional Touch. From registering the visitor to capturing critical information and automatically printing a pass, an automated visitor management system does everything.

Digital Recording of Visitors. Visitor management systems typically maintain digital records of people and their IDs, with the help of a barcode scanner.

Track the Movement of Visitors in Real-Time. Automated visitor management systems provide you with live dashboards that provide you with a quick preview of the movements of visitors. It provides live data of the visitors inside the business premises, the status of the visitor passes, new visitors, and a lot more.

Control the Access of Visitors in Sensitive Locations. Many visitor management systems allow businesses to use biometrics or RFID cards to provide visitors (and employees) with access to the areas they’re allowed to be in while restricting access to sensitive locations.

Maintain a Database of Visitors. Automated maintenance of the visitor database can help the administrative department generate useful and informative reports. Not only this, but the commercial visitor management system also maintains the database of visitors to avoid multiple entries of the same visitor in a day. An effective visitor management system can generate a variety of useful reports such as blocked visitors, frequent visitors, visitor pass validity, expired passes, etc.

Business Security System Tips: Commercial Security Monitoring

The need for commercial security monitoring is growing across the U.S. You cannot be at work all the time, and your staff cannot take care of everything related to your business. If something goes wrong in the wee hours of the night or on weekends, you may not get to know until it’s too late to prevent the situation. Commercial security monitoring can come to your rescue during such catastrophic incidents. In these cases, you want an experienced and professional video surveillance company monitoring your business around the clock.

With 24×7 commercial security monitoring, you’ve got eyes and ears on everything when you’re away from the facilities. In the event of a disaster or security breach, the centralized monitoring system will instantly receive a notification and send emergency services. With the help of 24×7 commercial security monitoring, thieves can be caught in the act, fires can be controlled, and you can protect your workplace.

A fully-driven commercial security monitoring team can instantly connect you with dispatch services for police and medical assistance. Even the most advanced security system won’t mean anything unless it’s backed by a team of experienced security monitoring professionals. A professional business security system offers a faster response time. When an alarm starts ringing, and you don’t have a commercial security monitoring system in place, you have to count on your staff or someone local to alert the authorities. If no one’s around, it could take even hours before the accident is reported and addressed.

Commercial security monitoring services provide you with peace of mind without wasting a second.

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