Adding Commercial Access Control to Your Business Security System

Adding Commercial Access Control to Your Business Security System

Adding Commercial Access Control to Your Business Security System

Security is a matter of concern for every business — and no two businesses are alike. For many business owners, it’s a huge hurdle to secure specific parts of a commercial property while still allowing authorized persons inside. In the past, this meant keeping certain areas behind lock and key or even hiring a guard to vet anyone trying to enter the building. Today’s commercial access control solutions help people easily and effectively secure their businesses — whether they’ve got sensitive data, cash, or stock in one room or need to keep tabs on everyone entering the property itself.

Securing Commercial Properties with Electronic Access Systems

For business owners thinking of investing in an updated commercial security system, electronic access systems are a top-tier way to secure as many areas as you need while easily allowing authorized employees or visitors access. This type of commercial access control may be used for certain areas or it may be applied to your entire building. Pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries are excellent examples of businesses that must have locked rooms where controlled substances are securely stored. Other commercial properties may require high security throughout, only allowing employees or pre-approved persons to enter the building.

Electronic access systems can help prevent employee theft by ensuring that sensitive areas are secure, as well as keeping track of everyone who accesses a locked location. The systems are highly customizable, with some requiring a key fob or swipe card to enter, while others may have a keypad to enter a code. No matter how secure a property is from the outside, fire laws still require occupants to be able to exit quickly and easily, and egress devices such as push bars and motion detectors that unlock exit doors can keep businesses compliant as well as secure.

Using Commercial Access Control to Keep Track of Visitors 

For businesses that must track and approve a constant flow of guests, visitor management solutions can speed up the process and ensure accuracy. If your visitor management solution consists of a security guard holding a clipboard and checking people’s identification, it may be time to upgrade to a more advanced solution. 

Today’s highly advanced visitor management software keeps track of approved guests, as well as logging a history of who signs in. It quickly and easily prints off disposable visitor badges, eliminating the need to pass out plastic badges. Whether a guest is an employee’s family member, a job applicant, or a repair person, visitor management solutions make it easy to know who is authorized and give them the proper identification needed to go about their day.

Keep Track of Traffic Flow 

Finally, traffic counting systems help business owners monitor traffic flow in and throughout their businesses. Retail stores have started utilizing this commercial access control technology quite heavily in order to make key decisions about their businesses. Traffic counting devices help stores determine how many customers walk through their doors and leave without making a purchase, as well as what day and time a store tends to receive the most visitors. This helps them understand which sales and marketing strategies are most effective to drive purchases, as well as when they should schedule more staff to handle a rush — or perhaps close a location altogether if traffic is low. 

Commercial access control devices do much more than simply allow people in and out of a room or a building. Like so much of today’s technology, many of these devices collect and store valuable data — data that not only helps keep your business safer, but also helps you make better decisions for your bottom line.

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