Commercial Access Control Systems: Letting People Out With Egress Devices

Commercial Access Control Systems: Letting People Out With Egress Devices

Commercial Access Control Systems: Letting People Out With Egress Devices

Egress devices are designed to be installed on the secured side of a door. They allow free and fast egress to people on the inside while restricting access to outsiders. Obviously, they are used by a large number of organizations to keep their workplaces safe and secure for their employees.

These egress devices come in different forms and use different technologies to offer a quick and easy way for your employees to enter and exit the workspace. Right from push-button exits to more traditional push bars, they all designed to keep your employees safe even during an emergency.

Here are some of the most common egress devices that you can consider installing in your commercial premises.

Push Button Exits

Push button exists are fairly common and you’ve probably seen and used them in multiple places. They are simple egress devices that let users on the secure side of a door to simply press a button to unlock the door and exit the premises. They are easy to install and can even come with motion sensors that automatically unlock the door whenever somebody comes near it. These devices mostly have an illuminated push-to-exit button to make sure that it’s easily visible even in case of an emergency.

Emergency Exits

As their name suggests, emergency exit egress is created to help people identify an emergency exit out of a building in case of a fire or other emergencies. This includes illuminated signage, usually on the ceiling of a building that guides people to the nearest emergency exit. The emergency route is usually separate from the other parts of the workspace and is designed to make sure that people within the building can exit as quickly as possible. Emergency exits might also include motion sensors to automatically open any doors en-route so that people don’t get stuck trying to open a closed door.

Push Bars

Push bars are fairly common in office buildings across the globe. Also known as panic bars or emergency exit devices for doors, these devices provide an easy and effective escape route for the occupants of a building in case of an emergency, such as fire. They’re effective and can be installed on both single and double doors. They can also be fitted with alarms if required. They can also have a key override level installed that can even allow easy access from the outside.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a relatively new form of egress devices that are quickly gaining popularity among many different organizations. These devices detect the movement of people in front of them and can trigger the door lock release mechanism if the moving person is coming towards the door. Quite naturally, motion sensing egress devices are known for their fast operation, which can prove to be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. Additionally, as motion sensors don’t require any physical touch of a button or swipe of a card, they’re far more convenient for regular use too.

Delayed Egress Devices

Delayed egress is a door locking and unlocking system that prevents a door from opening immediately when a person attempts an egress during a non-emergency situation. Naturally, delayed egresses are specialized egress devices and may even require approval from a local authority. They are often used in special situations where you may need the locking mechanism to remain active for a while even when egress is attempted. They are often used in healthcare facilities to alert staff members if a patient is attempting to leave. Moreover, they are also used in schools and airports for similar reasons.

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