How to Take Advantage of Home Security Conveniences

How to Take Advantage of Home Security Conveniences

How to Take Advantage of Home Security Conveniences

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) swept the world, life, as we knew it before, has changed in a myriad of ways. Among those changes have come a multitude of inconveniences that – while they help to keep us safe – can leave us feeling frustrated and stressed. From remembering to bring a mask when going out in public to wiping down packages, everything feels as though it has a dozen additional steps these days. This makes home security conveniences a welcome relief in a world that suddenly feels much more complex. 

Home not only offers a sense of safety from COVID-19 concerns; it also provides the comfort of an environment where you can have things in your control. With people spending an increasing amount of time bunkering down, working, learning, and hanging out at home, it makes sense to utilize home security conveniences such as smart lighting and thermostats, video surveillance, and automated devices to their fullest extent. 

Here are 3 home security conveniences that will change your life!

Set Smart Lighting/Thermostats to Your New Schedule

COVID-19 kicked off a virtual tsunami of people working and schooling from home, (as evidenced by the fantastic second quarter enjoyed by laptop manufacturers supplying at-home students and employees). With no one adhering to their former leave-in-the-morning/return-in-the-afternoon schedules anymore, it’s important to make sure your smart devices know your new schedule.

Automated lights and thermostats that are meant to improve energy efficiency can only work properly if they’re set to your daily schedule. With the increase in home time, this will likely mean an increase in energy use. Take time to update the programming of these devices to make sure you don’t end up warmer than you expected or suddenly in the dark as you go about your daily work.

Keep an Eye on Kids (and Others) with Video Surveillance

More time at home means more time together as a family … which can be a real challenge for parents who are working with kids at home. Remote monitoring is among one of the biggest home security conveniences for people juggling work and home life all in one space.

With video surveillance, you can quickly check to see what the kids are up to even as you work on a spreadsheet, handle a conference call, or even take part in a Zoom video conference. Whether they’re playing in the other room, spending time in the backyard, or are (supposed to be) doing homework in your basement-turned-schoolroom, video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on them with a few computer clicks or taps on your phone screen.

In addition to keeping an eye on your kids, video surveillance also allows you to keep track of home deliveries. Surveillance cameras and video doorbells deter and monitor for package thieves, as well as offering you a way to see and communicate with delivery people to drop food, shopping, and more.

Utilize Automated Home Security Conveniences

One of the greatest advances in home security conveniences was the ability to physically secure things and turn items off, all without getting up and wandering around the house. Automated home devices have long been accessible through websites and phone apps, but they can also be integrated with your voice control devices. By simply giving a command to Google or Alexa, you can lock your doors, check the status of your security system, control your lights or TV, or even close your garage. 

In a world that can feel a little strange right now, your home is your sanctuary. Home security conveniences such as energy-saving smart devices, video surveillance, and voice-controlled automated devices can make it even more so – helping to eliminate stress as we all move through this momentary new normal.

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