Remote Monitoring for the Elderly, Children, or Anyone Else in Your Home

Remote Monitoring for the Elderly, Children, or Anyone Else in Your Home

The message we’ve received about COVID-19 in people over 60 has been consistent: they’re the most at risk for having severe complications from the disease. If you have family members who are an advanced age or who have health conditions that put them at high risk, this presents a very specific COVID-19 security concern: how do you keep a safe distance while ensuring that they’re safe and have everything they need while in their homes? Remote monitoring and smart security technology can help you keep watch and take care of those closest to you – especially when you have to do so from afar.

Video Check-Ins

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve all been checking in with family members a lot more via telephone calls and video chats. This is especially important for the elderly, as their emotional health and well-being can suffer greatly if they begin to feel isolated from friends and family. 

While calls are a great way to connect, home video surveillance with remote monitoring allows you to check on older or ailing loved ones in between conversations. It offers huge peace of mind when falls or medical emergencies are a concern – allowing you to ensure that all is well if you can’t get in touch with a family member. 

To make sure rescuers will be summoned immediately should something go wrong, it’s a good idea to pair video surveillance with a medical alert system. These devices can be worn around the house, in the shower, and even out in the yard – and they can sound an alert after detecting a fall or have help on the way with the push of a button. This type of system offers around-the-clock protection even during times that you’re not checking in via camera.

In addition to ensuring the safety of elderly loved ones in their own homes, remote monitoring can also be used to check in on older family members (and children) who live with you and may spend time alone during the day. A quick log into the security cameras from your phone or work computer will give you immediate peace of mind that all is well while you’re away.

Smart Locks for Contact-Free Drop-Offs 

Smart locks have become a common part of smart home security systems, as they’re convenient and allow homeowners to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere. This technology has come in particularly handy for those who need to drop food, medication, gifts, and other items off to at-risk family members without coming into close contact with them.

By using remote monitoring and control to access Mom or Grandma’s lock from afar, you can open the front or kitchen door without disturbing her. Unload the items, leave a nice note, and securely lock the door again after you leave – all without keeping track of a physical key. Remote locks are also useful if you have a grandchild or another younger family member who will be dropping off the delivery; simply unlock the door for them and lock it once they’re on their way. 

Remote Monitoring From Business to the Home

Remote monitoring first became common in commercial settings, where business owners began using it as a way to keep tabs on their employees and assets. In addition to surveillance, video cameras and remote control over items like thermostats, lighting, and door locks also allowed them to shut down and open up quickly and conveniently. During the COVID-19 era, employers are using thermal cameras for remote monitoring of factors such as visitor temperature to keep their workers, clients, and visitors more safe and healthy while on site.

It’s this kind of advanced security technology that is now being utilized to keep people safe while at home. Integrating remote monitoring into an existing home security system – yours or that of an older family member – will allow you to keep an eye on those you care about as we move through these challenging times.

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