Can I Still Have a Reliable Home Security System Without a Landline?

Can I Still Have a Reliable Home Security System Without a Landline?

Can I Still Have a Reliable Home Security System Without a Landline?

As of 2015, 47% of adults no longer have a landline in their home — and that number is only expected to rise.

However, one thing holding some back from ditching the landline is when they own — or want to own — a home security system. Is it possible to have a reliable home security system without a landline?

With a landline home security system, the signal is sent to and from your home using telephone lines, which is great — it’s a solid, static connection and it’s very reliable. Not only that, landline home security systems can keep you and your home protected even when there’s a power outage or failure.

But landlines aren’t infallible. Telephone lines can be damaged — by natural causes (storms, earthquakes, etc.), or by someone looking to bypass your security system by cutting the cables.

Looking to cut the cable yourself? Cellular security systems and internet security systems are great ways to protect your family and your home. And when you use them in conjunction, it’s even better. Here’s how.

Cellular Security Systems

In the past, cellular security systems were used as backups to traditional landline systems. Now, as wireless technology has improved and landlines are being eradicated, cellular security systems are one of the most reliable setups to have, and the easiest way to have a home security system without a landline.

Cellular monitoring systems work using the same premise as landline systems. When a break-in is detected, a signal is sent to the security company, which then contacts the authorities. The difference is the reliability and speed of cellular systems. Cellular instantly transmits the signals to the security company, allowing for the fastest response possible.

Unlike traditional systems, cellular security systems can’t be severed by a prospective burglar. Also, you can connect with your cellular systems using modern technology. Some incredibly useful features are:

  • Remotely monitor and manage your system using apps for your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Receive text messages or calls whenever your system is triggered, armed, or disarmed.
  • Video verification to remotely see if there’s really a problem or if someone accidentally set off the alarm — and whether or not the authorities should be called.
  • Remotely activate or deactivate your system — and control your home.
  • Save $30-$80 per month by canceling your landline services.

Those powerful features are simply not available with traditional landline security systems. Imagine you are on vacation and need someone to check on your pets each day. Instead of giving out the code to your security system, you can remotely deactivate the alarm to let the person in. Once he or she leaves, you can reactivate your alarm with a simple press of a button.

No matter how powerful and reliable cellular security systems are, it is crucial to have a backup system in place. The current setup most recommended by security experts is a cellular security system as your primary protection, with an internet security system as your backup.

Internet Security Systems

As you can probably guess, internet security systems transfer signals to the security company using your internet. This setup has many of the same benefits as cellular security systems. An internet security system is more reliable than traditional landline services. This system will instantly transmit an alarm signal to the security company if a break-in is detected.

Internet cables are much harder to access than landline cables. Landlines are exposed via telephone poles. However, the cables that provide you internet are typically buried deep underground to prevent tampering and damage. As such, it makes a much safer backup than the traditional landline system. It also provides the same powerful features as cellular systems. You are able to remotely access video feeds, activate and deactivate your security system, receive text messages and emails, and much more.

You work hard to provide a home for your family. You deserve to have peace of mind and know that you, your family, and your belongings, are safe and secure. Modern technological advancements have allowed for powerful, adaptable tools to be used with new security systems. If you can cut costs while receiving more reliable protection for your home, there is no reason to hold back. By transitioning to a cellular security system with an internet security system backup, you are utilizing the best protection in the market.

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