You Get What You Pay For — How a Simple Security System Leaves You Vulnerable

You Get What You Pay For — How a Simple Security System Leaves You Vulnerable

You Get What You Pay For — How a Simple Security System Leaves You Vulnerable

Specific statistics on home break-ins vary by geographic location, but it has been estimated that a home intrusion occurs every 13-15 seconds in America. Do you really want to trust your home — and family — to a simple security system?

While some home intrusions are committed by “non-professionals” — individuals who are desperate and often acting on impulse — there has been a growing number of knowledgeable thieves who know the “hacks” to overcome simple security systems.

A professionally installed residential security system is the greatest deterrent to prevent the theft of valuables, facing an offender, injury to family or pets, and the mental victimization of having your most private space invaded and your sense of safety violated.

On the other hand, simple security systems can leave you vulnerable. Poorly designed and installed systems are prone to hacking, can cause annoying and costly false alarms, are often not calibrated correctly, and may lack the appropriate coverage you need, or be prone to dead spots.

It’s an old adage but when it comes to home security, it’s painfully true — you get what you pay for. A simple security system can leave you, your family, your home, and your valuables vulnerable.

Here’s how.

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) Motion Detectors

Installing PIR motion detectors to sound an alarm if someone enters the protected area is a common practice for people installing their own security systems. Yet, a professional installer realizes burglars will try common methods to defeat motion detectors, such as walking very slowly, staying outside of the detector’s coverage area, or even trying to overcome the heat detection of the PIR sensor. The key to 100 percent motion detection, 100 percent of the time, is through careful coordination of square footage, coverage angle patterns, multiple detector locations, and the type of detector appropriate for the area. You can only get this level of coverage from a professionally-installed system from a trusted home security provider.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are used to protect the weakest points of your home, but these devices should be a layer of your home security and not the sole means of monitoring and alarm. Many off-the-shelf sensors use out-dated technology and are prone to triggering false alarms. Entry sensors work on a magnetic principle that can be overcome by most burglars who prevent the alarm from recognizing that the circuit between the magnet and the switch has been opened. Select a security firm that utilizes the latest security technology, which makes entry sensors resistant to physical disarming.

Security Cameras

Camera surveillance is a great way to monitor activity and provide visual proof to police, yet cameras with poor resolution or without night vision are useless. On top of that, the inexpensive security cameras used in simple security systems are fraught with their own vulnerabilities. Lack of reliability because of streaming outages are a major issue, but an even greater problem is the lack of proper security coding, which means your own in-home camera can provide a digital window to allow outsiders to spy on your family.

A Complete Solution

Internet and cellular security systems are great, but if you don’t have a quality network to back them up, they can be useless. Choose a professional security company that can provide security, complete with backup communication options, integrated camera surveillance, and wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you get the comprehensive home protection that simple security systems just can offer.

A complete professionally installed home security system also gives you features that are not possible with a simple security system. The capability of remotely monitoring your home gives homeowners peace of mind, especially when children are home alone. A text message or phone call is automatically sent when the security system has been breached, and if you forget to activate your system before leaving home, you can arm it remotely. Not only that, you can control lights, locks, appliances, thermostats, your garage and more, from anywhere — your phone, tablet or wrist!

No one wants to believe that it will happen to them, but all homes, even apartments, are at risk of theft, intrusion, or act of God. But a quality wireless security system will protect against all of these concerns and ensure that your family, your home, and your possessions are safe. It’s a simple as that.

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