You Can — and Should — Get a Wireless Security System When Renting an Apartment

You Can — and Should — Get a Wireless Security System When Renting an Apartment

You Can — and Should — Get a Wireless Security System When Renting an Apartment

As a renter, you may never have considered adding a wireless security system to your apartment.

Why pay to protect property you don’t even own? On top of that, think of the damage it will do to walls of your apartment — damage that you’ll then be responsible for when you move out.

Here’s the thing, though. That type of thinking is wrong and misguided. For one, installing a wireless security system won’t do any damage to your apartment. More importantly, a good security solution does so much more than just protect the outside of your building.

Apartments are targets, too. In fact, some apartments are targeted far more than houses are. Why? For one, in an apartment, you’re very close to a lot of other people, people who frequently come and go, as well as people who are tuned into all of your comings and goings. Many neighborhoods and housing developments have neighborhood watches, whereas many apartment buildings have people that keep to themselves, regardless of what’s happening around them.

Even if you do have helpful neighbors who will watch your back, apartments are high-traffic areas, so it’s not really unusual for people to walk past your front door or around the building on a regular basis. And depending on where you live, crime rates may be higher in the city where many apartments are, as opposed to the suburbs where many of the houses are.

Maybe you won’t be living in the apartment forever, and you might not care what happens to the property itself. Your possessions, however, are what thieves are really after, and surely you do care about what happens to them. Not to mention what could happen to your most important assets: your loved ones.

So if you’re a renter, here’s why installing a wireless security system is the right call to make.

Installation is Simple

With wireless security systems that use the latest technologies, you don’t have to worry about wires, holes, or other types of damage. Instead, you’ll get an easy-to-use wireless security system that will provide peace of mind, monitoring, and control that’s right there in the palms of your hands, no matter how far from home you happen to be.

There’s no damage, no problems, and nothing but enhanced security. Even better, there will be no wires that could interfere with the appearance of your home and no damage to the structural integrity of the apartment.

Your Apartment Manager Will Appreciate It

You may think that your building will be opposed to the installation of a wireless security system, but talking to your apartment’s management doesn’t have to be a headache. Simply let them know that you’re concerned about the potential for theft and that you’d like to take the steps necessary to protect your home and possessions.

Here’s what you need to discuss with your property manager:

  • Any concerns you have about area crime rates
  • The fact that you’ll be the one paying the fees
  • How much more secure it will make your personal apartment, including the decreased risk of damage if someone does break in
  • The lack of damage to the apartment as a whole thanks to your decision to choose a wireless security system
  • The potential benefits that having the security system will offer to management

In most cases, your landlord will be willing to work with you, and in some cases, they’ll even be grateful for the steps you’re taking to enhance your apartment’s security!

You Get an Extra Layer of Protection

There were probably fire alarms installed in your apartment when you moved in. Carbon monoxide detectors, however, are much less common, in spite of the fact that they’re just as necessary. A good wireless security system won’t just protect against break-ins. It will also provide an additional level of security against carbon monoxide, fire, and other disasters. You want to know if your home and your family are being threatened. Your security system will keep that information at your fingertips, letting you know any time there’s a threat.

The System Can Travel With You

Are you saving up to move elsewhere? Know for a fact that this won’t be your forever home? Whatever the case, you may find yourself reluctant to make the investment in a wireless security system knowing that you’ll be walking away from it at some point in the future. Well, here’s the good news: your wireless security system can go with you! Instead of handing over your system when you move out of your apartment, you can simply pack up the pieces and take them to your new residence, continuing with your security services when you reach your new home.

No one wants to believe that it will happen to them, but all homes, even apartments, are at risk of theft, intrusion, or act of God. But a quality wireless security system will protect against all of these concerns and ensure that your family, your home, and your possessions are safe.

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