Unique Commercial Security System Features You May Not Know About

Unique Commercial Security System Features You May Not Know About

Unique Commercial Security System Features You May Not Know About

A commercial security system is one of the best insurance policies in which you’ll ever invest in for your business. From avoiding break-ins to planning ahead with an emergency evacuation plan, there are several steps you can take to keep your business, employees, and customers safe and secure.

There are also many commercial security system features that you might not be aware of. Understanding these features will help you fully utilize your current system, as well as make you aware of the features that are available should you expand or upgrade your system.

Detailed Security Reports

Sometimes keeping tabs on security at your company means having an organized system to understand what’s going on within the company when you’re not there. That’s how security reports can help.

For example, late to open/early to close reporting will let you know when there are any anomalies in the time that your business opens or closes each day. How might this work? Let’s say that Todd is an employee with the responsibility of opening a coffee shop at 6 a.m. and — when he’s in for the night shift — closing it at 9 p.m. What business owners don’t realize is that potential customers frequently pull up outside at 6:20 a.m., only to note that the business is still closed, before driving away without making a purchase.

Enter security reporting. Commercial security system features such as these put employers in the know. When Todd finally shows up and opens the shop at 6:45 a.m., the security system puts out a “late to open” notification to the business owner. Similarly, if he shutters the shop an hour early, the owner will receive an “early to close” notification letting them know of the anomaly.

Armed/Disarmed Schedules

Just as with late to open/early to close notifications, armed/disarmed schedules provide business owners a better look at what’s happening at their business even when they’re not there. Has your system been armed/or disarmed within an allowed time period? By creating specific schedules, you can easily find out. Schedules also allow users to program the system to automatically arm itself at a specific time every day, eliminating concerns that employees may wander out and forget to set the alarm for the evening.

Multi-Area Arming

Arming and disarming a commercial security system isn’t all-or-nothing. Perhaps you have a storage building or office that needs to be secured even as business carries on throughout the rest of the property. Also known as partitioning, multi-area arming allows you to have at least two separate areas that can be armed/disarmed independently of one another. Some systems allow users to arm/disarm all of the partitions from a single keypad, while others have individual keypads installed within each partition.

Multi-area arming gives business owners and their employees greater control over their commercial security system.

Traffic Counts

A security system can do more than protect your business from threats and ensure that it’s working smoothly and on schedule. It’s also useful in developing an effective sales strategy that works to bring customers through your doors.

Traffic counting is one of the many commercial security system features about which most customers are unaware. This feature provides an easy way to know how many people enter a business and when. There are many reasons why businesses use traffic counting. It can help them better develop their staff schedules according to typical peaks and lulls in customer activity. Traffic counts let management know which promotions work well and which ones fall flat. It’s also a good indicator of whether a new business location is generating the same traffic as a current or previous one.

Best of all, traffic counting doesn’t mean using those clunky amusement park turnstiles. Wireless technology has turned today’s traffic counting into an invisible, seamless process that goes on in the background as you simply run your business.

More than burglar alarms and fire detection, modern technology offers commercial security system features beyond anything most people could imagine.

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