The Next Level of Mobile Home Control

The Next Level of Mobile Home Control

The Next Level of Mobile Home Control

While protecting your home from burglars, fires, and other unexpected events is an important part of a comprehensive home security system, today’s technology means that home security can do so much more. In fact, a modern home security system is much more than alarms and detectors; it’s a complete system with mobile home control that can turn any home into a home of the future.

Think that sounds far-fetched? Imagine it: through automation and mobile home control, you can interact with various parts of your home with a quick tap on your smartphone screen.

What Is Mobile Home Control?

Mobile home control — also known as home automation — means that you can control certain objects within your home remotely. With Z-Wave compatible lights, locks, and thermostats, control of your home is convenient and easy.

Head out to work and forget to lock the front door? There’s no need to turn around and drive home; you can easily lock your doors and ensure that your security system is armed right from your smartphone. Go to bed and leave the lights on downstairs? Grab your smartphone and flip them off without ever having to get out of bed. Did your mother-in-law call while you were out at dinner and say that the house has grown too warm while she’s babysitting the kids? Don’t interrupt your date night; you can turn the air on as you wait for your appetizer to arrive.

Smartphone technology provides more than just convenience; it also provides peace of mind. Integration with your security camera system means that you need only glance at your device to see that the kids have arrived home safely and are in the kitchen doing their homework. Camera/smartphone integration also allows you to quickly and easily check in and see what’s going on should something trigger a door sensor or motion detector and set off your burglar alarm.

DMP App Customizes Mobile Home Control

Some people are hesitant when it comes to security system apps, worrying that they will be too hard for them to use and understand. Even though experienced security experts will program the system and set up the app, many homeowners worry that once the technician leaves and they’re on their own, they won’t feel comfortable actually using the technology themselves.

The new DMP app makes mobile home control easier than ever before. Easy and intuitive, it takes user-friendliness to an entirely new level. With DMP, interacting with Z-Wave items in your home is as simple as identifying them in a photo.

The DMP Rooms feature means that you don’t have to scroll through cluttered lists of items to find the one you’d like to control. It’s all as simple as tapping a photo of your room and selecting the item with which you’d like to interact.

Easy to Program; Easy to Use

How does it work? You take a photo of your living room, for example. In the photo, you’ll see your Z-Wave thermostat, two lamps, and your front door. Simply import the living room photo into your DMP app and you’re ready to start customizing.

In the app, you’ll create a “room” for the photo. Next, you’ll need to specify which items you need to be able to interact with through the app. DMP makes it simple to create on-screen buttons or “hotspots” for each of the devices you’d like to control. Each hotspot will correspond to that item’s location on the screen (for example, tap the lamp to interact with it).

Now, you’re ready to go! The next time you leave the house and realize that you forgot to turn on the air conditioner for the dog, simply open the DMP app, look for the appropriate room where your thermostat is located, tap it, and adjust the temperature. When you’re headed home in the evening and would like to have a well-lit welcome, select your living room and flick on a couple of lights before you arrive. It’s fast and incredibly easy.

Home security is about more than alerting you when something goes wrong. It’s also about making things more simple and avoiding life’s little inconveniences. With the DMP app, mobile home control is right at your fingertips.

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