The Keys to Home Safety While on Vacation

The Keys to Home Safety While on Vacation

The Keys to Home Safety While on Vacation

We’ve all heard terrifying stories of families returning home from a vacation only to find their homes have been broken into or a disaster happened in their absence. You’ll be surprised to know that 65% of burglars know their victims’ vacation plans. Fortunately, there are several useful measures you can take to ensure home safety while on vacation. 

Here are some useful tips to get you started!

6 Ways to Improve Home Safety While on Vacation

Install a Professionally Monitored Home Security System

The first line of defense against home invasion or burglary should be a home security system monitored by professionals. Make sure the home security system comes with doors and window sensors, glass break detectors and motion detectors. While self-monitoring is more cost-effective, in the case of professionally monitored systems, the home security system company contacts the authorities in the case of a security breach. 

Turn Your Lights On and Off From Anywhere in the World

Smart lighting systems are useful for ensuring home safety while on vacation. You can connect smart bulbs and smart lights to Alexa, Google Home, or your smartphone and control them from anywhere in the world. 

With smart lights, you can make it look like you’re home and discourage burglars with automated lighting systems. Some smart lighting systems also turn selected lights on and off to make it look like your home is occupied when you’re on vacation.

Get a Live View of Your Home

A network of well-placed smart home security cameras, both indoor and outdoor, can help a great deal in catching burglars. Other smart home security systems such as motion sensors, smart thermostats, video doorbells, etc., also allow you to control your home even when you’re away. 

Simply open your smartphone and check the smart home security app to get a live view of your home and ensure if everything is in place.  Is there a package at your front door? Leaving a package on the porch for multiple days is a sign to burglars. Your video doorbell will notify you when a delivery service drops off a package.  In turn, you can ask a friend or neighbor to pick it, keeping the contents of the package, and your entire home, safe.

Check for Open Doors and Windows

Even though locking the door might sound pretty obvious when you’re leaving for a vacation, 32% burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and windows. Windows are also target spots, so keep them locked, even on the top floors.

Receive Notifications for Alarms and Movement

Motion sensors detect movement and can help in securing your outdoor area, protecting your valuables. They increase the overall effectiveness of your home security system and provide you with 360-degree protection of your home when you’re on vacation. You can opt to receive notifications on your smartphone if motion is detected in a particular restricted area.

Environmental sensors are typically installed in bathroom, basements, kitchen, and laundry rooms, and can notify you in case of leaks, flooding, burst pipes, and extreme temperature conditions.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will ensure the safety of your property during your absence.

Intrusion alarm systems come with built-in messages and remote access via SMS and phone in the case of emergencies. 

Get Alerts When Door Codes are Used

A smart door lock sends you alerts when door codes are used. It also allows you to lock or unlock your door remotely using your smartphone and grant temporary access with temporary door codes. 

Whether your neighbor is checking in on your home or the pet sitter is visiting your home to feed the dogs, you can track exactly who enters and exits using your smartphone. Also, you can terminate temporary accesses as and when you want. 

With smart door locks, you can bid goodbye to spare keys and gain full control of your home while you’re on vacation. 

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