The Importance of Comprehensive Security in Healthcare Facilities

The Importance of Comprehensive Security in Healthcare Facilities

The Importance of Comprehensive Security in Healthcare Facilities

Commercial security is important in a wide variety of settings, from banks to malls to restaurants. One of the most important places to consider a comprehensive commercial security system is healthcare facilities.

Why is security in healthcare facilities of particular concern? Because it’s an environment where employees, patients, and sensitive data must all be kept safe. Thankfully, today’s security technology provides ways to keep everyone secure, even during unexpected events or emergencies.

Today’s Strategies for Maximum Security in Healthcare Facilities

A comprehensive security system for a commercial facility is multi-tiered. It not only prevents people from gaining unauthorized access after hours or to restricted areas, it can alert occupants to hazards such as fire and gunshots, as well as problems such as leaks or temperatures that are creeping out of an acceptable range.

Access Control

Keyed locks are a thing of the past with today’s access control technology that allows you to easily control and monitor who enters specific areas and when. This is an especially important aspect of security in healthcare facilities, as it helps you lock down areas where sensitive data is kept. Intelligent settings let you provide access for certain people on certain days and times — the ultimate in security control.

Building Automation Control

Especially in a large building, monitoring the security system, lights, and temperatures can be a challenge. Building automation control allows you the ability to keep track of and control everything remotely.

Emergency Process Control (SASC)

SASC stands for Situational Awareness Security Control. These systems are used to integrate all of your security systems in order to transmit real-time information to the appropriate individuals and rescue personnel. In addition to sending alerts, SASC systems give police and first responders access to live video feeds so that they can assess the situation before moving in.

Fire Detection Systems

A basic part of security in healthcare facilities, fire detection systems alert occupants and rescue personnel at the first hint of a fire. This helps save lives and prevent property damage.

Gunshot Monitoring

Part of a comprehensive SASC system, gunshot monitoring helps detect the sound of shouting and gunshots in order to alert authorities when individuals present on the scene may be injured, held hostage, or otherwise unable to do so themselves.

License Plate Registration (LPR)

LPR systems are designed to automatically take an image of any license plate that appears within a camera’s view. This helps ensure that if a crime occurs, police will have a record of the suspect’s license plate number.

Lock Down

In an active shooter situation, having specific doors locked to prevent entry can save lives. Automatic lockdown settings on a security system can do this as soon as gunshots are detected.

Panic/Hold Up Monitoring

Silent alarms are particularly useful in cases where there is a hold up (a particular concern in facilities such as pharmacies that handle large amounts of painkillers and other drugs that are commonly sold on the streets). They’re also used to send help if someone on the premises is acting in a bizarre or threatening way, but they have not done anything that would trigger the gunshot monitoring alarm.

Video Surveillance, People Monitoring, and Traffic Analysis

While video surveillance is helpful to determine who the suspects are if a crime occurs, it’s also a wonderful system to have in place if an accident happens and you need to piece together the details of the event.

Security cameras do more than simply take video, however. Are the two men hanging out in the front entryway out of place? A people monitoring/traffic analysis system will alert you if that’s the case. Facial recognition technology will also help apprehend the suspect if a crime is committed.

Security/Intrusion Monitoring

A comprehensive commercial security system includes monitoring for intrusion that occurs after hours or in restricted areas.

Voice Evacuation

Every commercial building should have an office emergency evacuation plan. This is especially true of security for healthcare facilities. A voice evacuation system can help guide occupants to the appropriate exit points in the midst of confusion during an emergency.

Water and Temperature Monitoring

Another concern in every commercial building? Costly leaks and frozen pipes. Water and temperature monitoring systems will let management know if a leak is happening or if temperatures move above or below a set range.

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