See ProTech Security at the 2023 OSBA Conference

See ProTech Security at the 2023 OSBA Conference

See ProTech Security at the 2023 OSBA Conference

ProTech Security will be at this year’s OSBA Capital Conference and Tradeshow! During this event, school district management teams will learn of ways to prepare for the constantly changing educational challenges presented today. With world-class speakers, 160 learning sessions, and over 100 booths, the OSBA Capital Conference and Tradeshow will help you find the tools and services needed for your district’s success. 

ProTech Believes School Security is Paramount

We believe that the need for school security has never been greater. Whether it is kindergarten or college, students and staff should feel safe in their schools and parents should feel confident sending their child to receive an education. 

ProTech Security wants to provide comprehensive security systems to educational institutions so their students can learn and their staff can teach in a productive manner. With our extensive security solutions and 24/7 monitoring, we can deliver peace of mind and unmatched safety. 

What ProTech Has to Offer

We don’t think schools should have to worry about the installation or maintenance of their school security systems, which is why we take care of all necessary services, including: 

These services power a  wide range of security solutions for educational institutions, with each customized to the specific needs and goals of the institution. 

Security Systems

Our security systems provide audio and visual monitoring of your educational institution around the clock. When it detects a potential threat or hazard, the system instantly alerts authorities so they can get to the scene as quickly as possible. 

Fire Detection

Fire detection and evacuation systems will monitor your institution and alert the entire school or campus if a fire occurs. We can also provide you with materials on how to get all students and staff out of the building quickly and efficiently. 

Security and Event Monitoring

This 24/7 video monitoring service lets you know if your system is working properly while also providing a direct connection from your institution to first responders in case of an emergency. 

Access Control

Our security systems can be equipped with access control, so you don’t have to use keyed locks anymore. With keycards or fobs, your staff will be able to access all necessary parts of the campus while keeping intruders out. 

Video Surveillance and Verification

Video surveillance allows you to see who is coming and going from your institution in real-time.  And, in the case of an emergency, our video verification systems transmit a video clip of the situation to the authorities. 

Physical Information Security Management

This system integrates all of your security devices and can detect gunshots in the case of an active shooter. This system will alert law enforcement within seconds of a gunshot so they can get to your school faster. 

Visitor Management

Say goodbye to the paper guest login sheet. With our automated visitor management systems, security can distinguish special consideration visitors and individuals who are not permitted inside the building. 

Learn More About ProTech Security at the 2023 OSBA Capital Conference and Tradeshow

We’re looking forward to attending the OSBA Capital Conference and Tradeshow in Columbus, Ohio on November 13th and 14th. Stop by booth #634 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center to learn more about our security solutions for educational institutions. Learn more about the OSBA Capital Conference here or register to attend today!

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