Security Tips for When There Are Contractors Alone in Your House

Security Tips for When There Are Contractors Alone in Your House

Security Tips for When There Are Contractors Alone in Your House

Whether you’re completely remodeling your home or having small updates or repairs performed, there will likely come a time when you need to hire a contractor. It’s important to ensure that the project gets done right and your home and family are kept safe and secure throughout the process. Here are a few tips to hire the best person for the job and keep tabs on things when there are contractors alone in your house.

Contractor Hiring Safety

Especially if the project is a large one, you likely won’t be at home to supervise the work crew through the entire process. That’s why hiring the right contractor is a must.

There are three factors to research when hiring anyone who will do work in your home. The first is knowing who you’re allowing into your home. This can be accomplished by seeking employee background and identification checks for the contractor and their crew.

Next, it’s important to ensure the contractor’s experience and quality of work. The internet is full of reviews from past customers; use them to point you to a quality contractor. Also feel free to ask the contractor for the names of former clients whom you can contact to get references. If they’re hesitant for you to contact previous customers, this is a big red flag.

Finally, before you hire a contractor, check to ensure they’re licensed and bonded. Also, talk to them about any subcontractors they will be using; these companies must clear all the same hurdles as the main contractor.

Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

Especially if your home improvement project is a large one (like a complete kitchen remodel), you’re going to have a long line of people streaming in and out of your home. In addition to becoming an annoyance, this poses a real safety risk to your family and possessions.

Thankfully, your home security system provides multiple ways for you to easily keep track of who comes and goes when there are contractors alone in your house.

Security Cameras: For visual evidence of everyone who enters and leaves your home, security cameras provide real peace of mind. With remote access to video feeds, they also give you a way to monitor the work from afar. Is the work crew spending more time on break than they are installing the floor in your new kitchen? Video surveillance will let you know!

Push Notifications: Today’s smart home security systems provide instant notifications to your smartphone whenever an exterior door opens or closes at your home. This will let you know right away when the crew arrives and work begins, as well as notify you when the last person leaves for the day.

Z-Wave Locks: Automated door locks controlled by the Z-Wave system give you an additional level of control from afar. With Z-Wave, you can remotely unlock doors to allow contractors in, as well as lock your house up when the day’s work is complete.

Another way Z-Wave is helpful when there are contractors alone in your house is because it allows you to provide each person with an individual access code for use when they come and go. These codes provide a record of who arrived and left at what time. They can also be deprogrammed when the project is over so that workers no longer have access to your home.

The mess and disruption of a home remodeling project can be stressful enough without worrying about random people wandering in and out of your home. With the proper research and a professionally-installed home security system, all you’ll have to worry about is choosing the best backsplash and wiping away all the construction dust once the project is complete.

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