Security for Auto Dealerships: How to Keep Your Lot and Vehicles Secure

Security for Auto Dealerships: How to Keep Your Lot and Vehicles Secure

Security for Auto Dealerships: How to Keep Your Lot and Vehicles Secure

When most businesses close, they can lock their inventory up and keep it safe from criminals and other threats. This isn’t the case for auto dealerships, where millions of dollars’ worth of product is regularly left out on car lots where it’s exposed to the potential for theft.

Every vehicle or automobile part that’s lost or damaged can hurt a dealership’s bottom line. Theft prevention isn’t the end of the story, however: there are many reasons why security for auto dealerships is a smart investment.

Convenience and Security

A modern security system is more than just a burglar alarm; it’s a comprehensive automation system that monitors for intrusion, fire, and carbon monoxide, as well as wirelessly controlling video feeds, thermostat, lights, and access to various doors throughout the property. This makes operating a business much easier, as various functions can be performed remotely with the touch of a button on your smartphone or in person at the security system’s control panel.

The security system will allow management and authorized staff to check video feeds from anywhere, as well as receive mobile alerts if something unexpected happens and triggers an alarm. Access control can be customized to only allow authorized employees into restricted areas, as well as to monitor who comes and goes through doors that are being monitored. With such high-traffic operations, security for auto dealerships can help greatly simplify running the business on a daily basis.

Stopping Thieves or Vandals in Their Tracks

Although discouraging thieves isn’t the only use for a commercial security system, it’s highly effective for this purpose. In addition to installing a system to prevent unauthorized access to the dealership building and offices after hours, video cameras that are prominently placed throughout the property will often make criminals think twice.

If a theft or vandalism should occur, video surveillance footage will give the dealership a way to identify and catch the perpetrator.   Even better, these cameras can be configured to alert the central station, the dealership, and the authorities when there is unexpected motion or activity on the lot after business hours.  In addition to this, if a car or its parts are stolen, many insurance companies require video verification of the incident before they’ll approve coverage.

Protection for Employees and Guests

Video surveillance has the added benefit of acting as a safety net for dealership employees and customers. The presence of video cameras acts as a deterrent to anyone thinking of engaging in dangerous or criminal behavior. This is particularly true in the sales lot and parking lot as customers move in and out of the dealership and sales staff shows potential buyers around to different vehicles. Should an incident or some sort of accident occur, the dealership will have a record of it on film.

Improve Your Ability to Sell

Security camera footage can also be used for another purpose – to boost your sales. It can help you keep a better eye on your customers to understand the best way to communicate with them and drive a sale through. Video surveillance allows you to track your customers’ habits, correlating data between the different cars a customer looks at and which one they finally end up buying. This can help save both your staff and your customers time when working to find the perfect vehicle.

Best Practices for Security for Auto Dealerships

A commercial security system should be part of a comprehensive security plan for any auto dealership. It can be used in addition to installing proper lighting around the exterior of the property, utilizing bollards and spike strips to prevent unauthorized entry/exit by vehicles, proper employee training around safety and security procedures, as well as ensuring that all vehicle software and dealership networks are updated and secure.

When purchasing a commercial security system, vet the security company before making a commitment. Ask for references and look for online customer and BBB ratings. Make sure you fully understand what’s included in your contract. Most of all, be sure you and your staff fully understand how to work the system. After all, security for auto dealerships is only a good investment if it’s actually being put to use.

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